January 21st, 2017


This topic focuses on issues relating to the U.S. Deficit.

We have written more articles on the deficit than any other single topic. Why? Can you imagine owing money that you could never repay? Now pretend you live in a country where the leadership thinks they can borrow and spend and legally make its citizens pay the bills? Welcome to the United States.

Debt can ruin a person, a business and a country if not kept in check. Spending money one does not have does not solve the problem.

This is our page for all our published articles and reports on the U.S. deficit.


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[25] 2013.04.04 FAA Budget up 150%, Air-traffic Declines, So We Need More Spending?

[24] 2013.04.04 Global Debt-to-GDP Dangerous as U.S. Debt Approaches $17 Trillion

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[22] 2013.01.12 ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal Adds $4 Trillion to the Deficit


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[19] 2012.09.11 Moody’s Warns of U.S. Debt Downgrade – For the 5th Time

[18] 2012.08.25 Obama Deficit ALREADY Exceeds 8 Years of Bush in Half the Time

[17] 2012.03.14 U.S. Deficit Hits All Time Record in February


[16] 2011.08.02 Countdown to Deficit Cuts – But Still a Deficit: Update V

[15] 2011.07.30 Countdown to Deficit Cuts – But Still a Deficit: Update IV

[14] 2011.07.20 Countdown to Deficit Cuts – But Still a Deficit: Update III

[13] 2011.07.13 Countdown to Deficit Cuts – But Still a Deficit: UPDATE II

[12] 2011.07.08 Countdown to Deficit Cuts – But Still a Deficit

[11] 2011.08.06 S&P Downgrades U.S. Debt Rating

[10] 2011.04.09 The Truth About the Budget Cuts

[09] 2011.04.08 Paranoia and Doomsday Used to Argue More Government Debt

[08] 2011.02.16 Obama’s Proposed $1.1 Trillion Budget Cut, Not “Deficit Reduction”

[07] 2011.01.26 Obama Deficit to Exceed 8 Years of Bush in Half the Time

[06] 2011.01.13 The Great Train Wreck?


[05] 2010.05.18 The Biggest Risk to U.S. Recovery is the U.S. Government

[04] 2010.05.17 Past President Suggests More Illegals and Taxes Can Solve the Deficit

[03] 2010.02.01 How Expensive “Change” Can Be

[02] 2010.01.30 President Obama’s “Change” Will Cost You $9.3 Trillion+ Interest

[01] 2010.01.26 Obama Math: Borrowing Less is Saving?

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