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January 17th, 2017

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2017-01-16 Fact Check: Pres. Obama: ‘We’re Better Off’ and ‘No WH Scandals?’


2016-09-28 Is the U.S. Constitution at Risk in Election 2016?

2016-09-12 A Collection of Questions About Hillary Clinton’s Heath


2015-12-21 Congress is Finally United – Against the People (Also filed under Deficit)

2015-10-01 Rubio, Fiorina Seem Clueless on Syria Too?

2015-09-27 How Speaker Boehner and the Establishment Elite Are Failing America

2015-02-27 Dems Block DHS Funding Bill, Republicans Cry ‘Uncle’

2015-02-25 Sen. Harry Reid: Obama’s 6 Year Pocket Veto


2014-11-12 Obama Hears a Who?

2014-06-09 Progressives Exposed: Fact Check on GITMO & Benghazi Propaganda

2014-02-05 U.S. Economy Goes From Bad to Good With a Simple Headline Change?

2014-01-16 Progressives Exposed: Fact Check on Terrorism Propaganda


2013-10-07 Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) Repeatedly BLOCKS Progress on Gov Shutdown

2013-09-29 PROOF: Sen. Harry Reid (D) and President Obama Threaten Gov Shutdown

2013-09-27 The Tea Party – Threat to the Progressive Agenda?

2013-06-22 WH Press Secretary Jay Carney Dodged 9,486 Journalists’ Questions

2013-02-12 2013 SOTU Predictions & Fact Check


2012-12-31 Last Minuet ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal Not Likely to Solve Economic Problems

2012-08-16 Is it Really Bush’s Fault? What Are the Facts?

2012-04-04 Obama: Republicans Are Radicals?

2012-01-25 Analysis & Fact Check: State of the Union Address (01-24-2012)


2011-07-24 Fact Check: Did Obama’s Father Really Serve in World War II?


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