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The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is up about 166% since the March 2009 market low. With the trillions in stimulus programs from the FED and the Federal government has mostly helped those in the stock market (Chart Credit: Big Charts).

Above: Dow Jones Industrial Average 2009 to Jan 2014

This topic covers investor education with emphases in helping to understanding the stock market.

[15] Anatomy of a Stock Market Sell Off

[14] Channeling Stocks: Does it work or is it hype?

[13] Dollar Cost Averaging

[12] Fraud Watch

[11] Full Service or Discount Broker?

[10] Insider Trading – FAQ

[9] Lost Stock Certificate? Inherited Stock? This Can Help.

[8] Market Report (Introduction)

[7] Market Trends & What is Window Dressing?

[6] Penny Stock Risk

[5] What Are Hedge Funds?

  • Topic under review

[4] Short Selling

[3] Stocks & Investing: The Wash Sale Rule

[2] Tax Liens

[1] What Are The Odds Of That?

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