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January 23rd, 2017

Quick Summary:

NetAdvisor™ attended both public and private schools, and is a college graduate from the University of Southern California (USC), Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism with a research-based education covering the Social & Behavioral Sciences (Behavioral Psychology) and Communication Theory. NetAdvisor™ has a prior education in Business Administration, Finance with an unofficial minor in law.

Professional interests include analysis and impact of public policy, behavioral psychology, communication analytics, financial crimes investigation, market psychology, market history, writing, law & law enforcement.

Basic Bio FAQ: Some information below such as dates, companies, locations of work experience are considered confidential and thus omitted. More detailed information available for professional inquiries.

Career Experience

[1] Writer, Analyst, Investigation
netadvisor.org – a Non-profit education media organization
07/2010 – DATE

  • I conduct research, investigate topics, review and analyze competing major perspectives for accuracy. Reports are fully cited for independent fact checking. Purpose: Enhance public understanding on the topics discussed. Focus includes topics not well or improperly covered, especially when inaccuracies or unsubstantiated biases exist. As a writer, my intent is to write independently, basing work on substantiated facts.
  • The organization’s mission is to provide public education and analysis on U.S. financial markets, personal finance and a transparent look into U.S. public policy.
  • Periodically report on alleged financial-related fraud to help protect the public interest.
  • I have covered over 30 subjects fully cited, including all major U.S. domestic, foreign policy, international terrorism, economics, financial education and healthcare education.
  • Global reach includes readers in 187 countries (2016), 162 countries (2015), 151 countries (2014) and 112 countries in (2013).

[2] Company & Non-Public Work Confidential (info by request)

[3] Yahoo! Top Contributor
Yahoo! Inc.
01/2007 – 10/2010

  • In January 2007, I wanted to volunteer and help as many people as I could to address what I saw the coming (Oct 2007-Mar 2009) housing crash, financial collapse and subsequent recession. Ask how I predicted this, and what were some of the signs that helped flag these events.
  • I discussed issues in real-time and gave suggestions how to help identify and manage certain crisis situations for example: (Q&A 2007, Q&A 2007, Q&A 2007).
  • I addressed over 5,600 public questions and became one of Yahoo’s “Top Contributors” in two separate categories: “Investing” and “Personal Finance.” Public questions asked anonymously. Addressed other questions including numerous counseling situations, family and personal issues.
  • Achieved one of the highest “Best Answer” ratios on Yahoo! with over 4,000 questions (75%) ranked as “best answer” to the question presented.
  • Actually did not intend to achieve these levels. My goal was just to help as many people as I could before, during, and after the major economic crisis at the time.

[4] Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Media Communications

  • Initially recruited as a business strategy consultant. CEO asked for my greater assistance in planning, development, and working with company finances.

[5] Registered Principle,  Branch Manager & Compliance Officer

  • Independent office, managed client accounts, investments, retirement planning, and Risk Management consulting.
  • Held 9 (nine) industry licenses with multiple areas of specialization & supervision including: 401(k) & Retirement Planning Specialist, Branch Management/ Compliance Officer (Registered Principle) and Registered Options Principle (Options Compliance Supervisor).

[6] Project Manager – Healthcare Company

  • Self-developed a nationwide (17 state) financial services program for a subsidiary of a publicly traded NYSE-listed company employing about 300,000 people.
  • Developed various business models regarding business risk, program development, financial costs, profit projections, competitive and economic environment, and other business analysis.
  • Worked closely with the chairman and (separately) the CEO. Also discussed regulatory and compliance issues. Competed directly with AIG Insurance, AXA Insurance and other firms for the position.
  • Board of Directors voted and approved my national proposal.

[7] Corporate Communications Officer / Media Relations

  • Addressed email and phone call questions to private business media. Ancillary company was growing and took interest from the media. Promoted the ideas of investment education.

[8] Branch Manager / Chief Compliance Officer

  • Reviewed (Hedge Fund) and Private Equity Structures, primarily under SEC Regulation D; Rule 504, 505 and 506.
  • Reviewed development projects and managed regulatory compliance.
  • Worked with in-house legal counsel, multiple outside legal counsel, tax experts on various legal and tax structures, including document development.
  • Managed corporate filings with various states, hired agents, handled other business records.
  • Conducted compliance oversight of other fund managers. In charge of hiring in-house and outside contractors to work in various positions.

[9] Risk Management Consultant and Registered Investment Advisor Representative

  • Registered Investment Advisory Firm.
  • I was a major contributor to develop a hedge fund family including a private equity firm with multiple office locations.
  • Also provided Risk Management Consulting to in-house, outside companies and individuals covering business risk, credit risk, general portfolio risk, litigation risk, and risk communications.
  • Worked with in-house and outside tax and legal experts.
  • Worked with state regulators during required industry-standard audits.

[10] 401(k) and Retirement Planning Specialist / Licensed Securities & Insurance Broker

  • Licensed securities and insurance broker with a certified specialization in 401(k) and other retirement plans at a leading Wall Street firm.
  • 2 certificates in retirement specialization obtained through company’s graduate school.
  • Held multiple state licenses from California to New York.
  • Managed money with emphasis toward small business and corporations. Also managed money for private individuals, medical/ legal professionals, professional models (Elite, Ford, L.A. Models, Victoria Secret, others).
  • Helped businesses find legal tax-deductible, tax deferred shelters. Worked with company’s tax and legal experts in this area.
  • Investments included cash reserve management, stocks, options, financial risk management, long-term investments, retirement planning, IPOs, secondary offerings, ARPS, treasury securities, municipal and corporate bonds, depository instruments and structured products.
  • Spent years studying ERISA law. Helped entities with compliance, and company strategies to reduce litigation risk. Worked with in-house experts in tax, legal compliance and other related areas.

Additional work includes other work in the securities industry, including but not limited to stock/ options trader including bonds, IPOs, arbitrage trading; work at an investment banking firm, a limited partnership firm, and other experience.


Formal Education

University of Southern California (USC): USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

  • Social (Behavioral) Sciences and Communications, B.A. Unofficial Minor: Law
  • Research-based education combined two majors in a special program.
  • Education emphasized on research, studying social, behavioral, and communication analysis; writing academic research reports, making speeches/ presentations covering business, organizational communications, interpreting social and behavioral psychology.
  • Studied law independently. Law classed restricted to pre-law majors.
  • Senior Project: Studied U.S. Intelligence agencies, related history; analyzed, interpreted speeches, reports, studied behavioral patterns of terrorists, and their belief systems. Wrote extensive reports including one titled, “Challenges of International Terrorism to the U.S. Intelligence Agencies.” Report was inspired by William Casey, a former Director of Central Intelligence (DCI).

Other Public University

  • Business Administration, Finance
  • Unofficial Minor: Law
  • Studied principles of finance, business and economics. Already been studying this field independently and had been working in the field ever since.
  • Studied law independently. Law classed restricted to pre-law majors. Managed to crash some law classes anyway for audit for a period of time.
  • Studied senior-level criminal law/ criminal behavior. Class instructor was a former Sheriff with expertise in the field.

Other Private Education

  • Private education courses in various aspects of law, business, finance, investing, management, marketing, international trade, behavioral psychology, and counselor training.


Previous Securities & Insurance Licenses Held

Certificates Obtained

Obtained numerous financial and other certificates such as:

  • 401(k) & Other Retirement Plans Certificate.
  • Basic Estate Planning Certificate.
  • Retirement Planning Specialist Certificate.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Certificate (General).
  • Anti-Money Laundering Certificate (Know Your Customer – Regulatory Compliance).
  • Dale Carnegie Sales, Leadership & Primary Training Program.
  • Private Behavioral Analysis & Communications Certification Program (NACS).


Media Experience

  • Youth: Wrote weekly news reports, did analysis on major events. One broadcast radio event.
  • College: Weekly public television broadcasts on finance, investing and psychology with a bit of light humor.
  • Post College: Selected as a judge in a “Miss Teen” Pageant. Interviewed by print media who published an article that included the interview as a Pageant judge.
  • Public Relations. Addressed live and electronic questions with private business media when working as a Corporate Communications Officer / Media Relations.
  • Private Media: Wrote a series (5-30 page) monthly financial market reports for institutional clients, hedge funds, accredited investors, and other financial companies as a paid subscription.
  • Current: Publishing articles and detailed reports at netadvisor.org
  • Current: Interaction with media and others within social network.


Social Media Network


  • Built a social network of over 68,000+ followers. According to twitter, during higher tweet activity during the 2016 election cycle from about June to November we ran between ~800,000+ to 1.5 Million impressions over 28 days cycles. ‘Impressions’ are the number of people who actually saw a specific Tweet in their timeline or in search results. From October 3rd to 9th, 2016, we hit 664,679 impressions in a week. Note: We do not buy/ pay for social media followers.
  • Social network has only 1% people deemed as “fake followers.” We restrict certain “inappropriate” accounts/ postings from our network or we would probably have 5x+ our current followers and a higher fake account rating.
  • Social Media Rank Top One Percent (1%) (Jan. 2017). Previously ranked Top 1% (2016), Top 1% (2015), and Top 5% in (2014).
  • NetAdvisor™ is considered to be “Very Friendly” by a 3rd-party social media analytics application.
  • Another Social Media company has determined NetAdvisor™’s subject expertise in these areas.
  • NetAdvisor™’s Tweets Reaching 18% (eight-teen percent) of the World.
  • NetAdvisor™’s Global Social Media Rank: #150,226 (Jan. 2017). Estimated Total Number of Global Social Media Accounts (2016): 2.34 Billion.
  • Major public followers including U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressmen, State Government Officials, International Governments, Members of U.S. and International (TV, Radio, Web and Print) Media, Lawyers, Law Enforcement Officers & Law Judges (current or retired), Entertainers, University Educators, Former CIA, NSA Officers/ Analysts, and Major Think Tank Organizations. Link to latest data: People who follow NetAdvisor


  • Our org was apparently blocked or banned, now removed (PDF) from Facebook since about October 2012, coincidentally prior to the 2012 (Presidential) General Election, and almost immediately after publishing extensive investigative analytical reports on Benghazi to Facebook. Facebook has not responded to our inquiries. Here is a web archive of our Facebook account.

Other Social Media



Counseling Experience:

  • Formal academic and other counseling training in high school and college. Attended approx. 170-hour private ‘Certification’ program. Program included managing crisis communications and rapid problem solving. Additional training by licensed psychologists. Have many years’ experience helping children, teens and adults address various issues regarding behavioral issues, crisis, family, and other situations.

General Investigative Experience:

  • Capable of doing investigative work, investigative research, financial crimes investigation, financial forensics and analysis. Work stems from both personal interest including industry training, background as former securities compliance officer, registered securities principle, other education and research work. Specific cases not published here except for under Fraud Watch.

LE-Related Experience:

  • Partial Experience Listed Below. Additional information confidential, not intended for the general public. To request details please submit a professional inquiry.
  • Once recruited by U.S. federal law enforcement, who at the time was seeking people with particular financial backgrounds to work in their financial crimes division.
  • CITIZENS’ POLICE ACADEMY (Certificate of Completion).
    General understanding on internal police operations. Discussions on police department procedures, functions, public issues and concerns. Program included crime prevention, investigation units, public relations, LiDAR use to calculate live motor vehicle speeds and a live firing range.
    P.O.S.T. course included topics such as laws of arrest, search and seizure laws, leadership, ethics, criminal justice system, policing the community, and extensive law enforcement procedures. Also tested on live mock arrest and control techniques including handcuffing.
    Law Enforcement Communication Training for Working with the Public. Video-based exam and instruction. Included observing and managing both officer and the public’s verbal and nonverbal communications. Communication strategies for managing rude, irate, and abusive citizens.
    P.O.S.T. course included topics such as basic knowledge of firearms, firearm-related safety, assembly/ disassembly, firearm maintenance, managing firearm malfunctions, holstering, liability issues, and extensive live fire scenarios as taught by Sheriff Firearm Instructors.
    Understanding the fundamental legal framework regarding California laws, Supreme Court cases, and Constitutional rights regarding search warrants. Course discussed writing and presenting warrants before a judiciary, executing warrants, practice with location descriptions, property descriptions, writing a statement of expertise and recognizing a complete statement of probable cause.
  • CITIZENS’ POLICE ACADEMY (Certificate of Completion).
    General understanding on internal police operations. Discussions on police department procedures, functions, public issues and concerns. Program included crime prevention, live hypothetical shoot-no shoot hostage situation scenario, live police patrol vehicle operation and police radio operation during hypothetical 961 (vehicle stop scenarios).
  • DOJ Approval for P.O.S.T. Basic Training (DOJ Letter).
    State Attorney General Background Clearance Letter for Approval to Take P.O.S.T. Basic Courses.
  • Additional course-work non-public/ confidential.

Volunteer Experience:


  • Successfully walked over fire (1,000 degree+ wood burning coals) 6 times without injury, including a ~42 foot fire walk. I was well trained each and every time. DO NOT ATTEMPT. Proper expert training, expert medical supervision necessary.
  • Likes kids.
  • Family-oriented.
  • Opens doors for women.



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