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More Americans Uninsured Since Obamacare

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More Americans Uninsured Since Obamacare

original article written by Net Advisor

WASHINGTON DC. Health insurance continues to be a hot topic. The U.S. Census Bureau released their 2014 statistics on health insurance in America. Census 2015 health insurance data is expected to come out in September 2016. Despite the government’s controversial marketing toward younger people, more Americans are uninsured since 2008. Here are some of the major findings.

Health Insurance Report.

Government insurance coverage now represents 35.6% of the country. Private insurance (including non-government employer coverage) represents 66% (p.6).

[1] Uninsured Children.

The idea of covering all children under government health insurance still has not been met but has improved a little from 2013 to 2014 (p.6).

  • Overall, uninsured children (under age 19): 6.2%.
  • Overall, uninsured children (under age 19) living in poverty: 8.6%.

The census gives much of its health data in percentages. Based on the total number of uninsured for 2014 (p.4), and multiple that by the percentage of uninsured, it appears we are looking at about 2.046 million uninsured children under age 19, and 2.838 million uninsured children living in poverty.

[2] Low Income & Middle-Class Adults.

Over 25% of all adults ages 19-64 with household incomes under $25,000 does not have health insurance. Over 20% of adults with household incomes from $25K to $49K had no health insurance either (Census chart above).

The idea that health insurance is “affordable” is in question when 20-25% of people up to age 64 and who had incomes up to $49,000 year, still could not afford have health insurance.

[3] Overall, More Americans Uninsured Since Obamacare.

Census has boasted some positive numbers in 2014 suggesting more people are covered by insurance compared to 2013 (p.9). Census did not cite the costs of insurance, the level of what is actually covered, the cost of deductibles, or discuss the costs of government funded healthcare programs.

If the government is going to write a national report on health insurance and coverage, we would think that it should include costs to tax payers in the same report.

Even though the number of people who were uninsured was down in 2014, the total number of people without health insurance has increased under Obamacare.

In 2009, President Obama claimed that there were more than “30 million” uninsured Americans who could not get health insurance coverage.

“There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get (health insurance) coverage.”

— Pres. Barack Obama, Remarks by the President to a Joint Session of Congress on Health Care, Sept. 9, 2009 (PDF)

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) said that number could be more like 46 Million. OMB acknowledges that the 46 million number includes the millions of “unauthorized immigrants” (illegal aliens) in the USA. By OMB’s math, that would mean the U.S. had 16 million illegal aliens in the USA during 2008 – who were uninsured.

[Math: 30M uninsured Americans (Obama) – 46M uninsured (OMB, includes illegal aliens) = estimated 16 Million illegal aliens in the USA in 2008].

Based on OMB’s math, the illegal alien population went from of 16 million in 2008 to 11 million in 2012? These declining numbers would seem to be in question. We could not find data to support 5 million illegal aliens left or were deported from the USA from 2008 to 2012.

Separately, OMB cited a Kaiser Commission report who came up with their calculation of the uninsured to be 30 million, about the same number President Obama used. OMB concluded that the Obama number of 30 million uninsured is probably more accurate and thus we are using the Obama – revised OMB conclusions as the baseline for our analysis in this report.

As stated earlier, despite the apparent rosy insurance coverage numbers generally given in percentage terms, the Census did disclose quantifiable numbers of people who were uninsured.

Based on the Obama, Kaiser and U.S. Census data, we can conclude the following:

In 2008, the U.S. had about 30 million people without health insurance.

— Source: White House/OBM

In 2014, the U.S. had 33 million people without health insurance.

— Source: U.S. Census, p.4

Based on this said data, we have 3 million more people without insurance than we did in 2008, before Obamacare.

So we currently have 33 million people with no health insurance. On the bright side, this number was down from 41.8 Million in 2013 (p.4). The problem is, there was a huge abnormal spike of uninsured people under Obama.

[4] Some 11 Million People Lost Insurance Coverage Since ObamaCare.

The Census number of 41.8 million uninsured people in 2013 verses 2014 would indicate that many Americans lost their health insurance from 2008 to 2013 (p.4). Thus, we can conclude from the Census data that we had 11.8 million more people uninsured than we did in 2008, again, before Obamacare.

Math: 30 Million Uninsured (2008) (WH/OMB) – 41.8 Million Uninsured (2013) (Census, p.4) = -11 Million Uninsured.

The data suggests we had a huge spike of some 11 million people who either lost their healthcare plan or could no longer afford their existing insurance coverage which subsequently resulted with Americans suddenly uninsured.

That spike of the uninsured did decrease in 2014, however there are still 3 million more people without health insurance than there was in 2008.

We also found that despite political and media statements, getting insurance coverage for everyone was never the Obama government’s goal.

[5] ObamaCare Leaves 30+ Million Uninsured.

It was reported in 2010 that the healthcare law ACA (“ObamaCare”) would only cover at best 32 million people and leave another 30 million people uninsured.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said in 2012 that about 30 million “nonelderly” people will still have no insurance coverage by year 2022 (news report).

The U.S. Census reported for the year 2014, there are 32.968 million people with no health insurance (p.4). So the idea that ‘everyone would be covered’ or could get ‘affordable insurance’ coverage under the government’s plan would not be accurate.

[6] More Info About the Uninsured.

All minority groups (Afro-American, Asian, and Hispanic) saw a combined 4% increase in insurance coverage between 2013 and 2014. However, fewer minorities are covered by insurance as a group (88.2% Afro-Americans, 90.7% Asian, and 80.1% Hispanic) compared to non-Hispanic whites (92.4%) according to the Census report (p.6).

During this same period, 2.1% of “non-Hispanic whites” either lost their insurance or otherwise could no longer afford their health insurance coverage either (p.6). According to this report, the American Middle-Class seems to be most negatively impacted by Obamacare.

Census also cited that only 32.2% of non-U.S. citizens living in the USA are covered by insurance, thus 68.8% have no health insurance coverage. We would argue that cost is usually the biggest factor for not having insurance (pps.7-8).

Census did not note those on welfare, in prison, or in the U.S. illegally, are exempt from the Obamacare mandate.

What does not seem to make a lot of sense is a 2013 report by the Washington Post (PDF) that shows the majority of uninsured are white, employed, American-born citizens (color charts). There seems to be a huge conflict of data between the Washington Post‘s 2013 research and the U.S. Census 2014 data. It seems odd to us that such data could be so far off in just one year. We are providing both reports for our readers to make up their own conclusions.

[7] The ObamaCare Public Deception.

Obamacare barely passed a Democrat-Controlled House by just seven votes, (219 for, and 212 against). House Democrats did this vote behind closed doors (PDF), away from the public eye and the media. Not a single Republican voted to support Obamacare.

The 2010 healthcare law (Obamacare) could not even pass a Democrat-Controlled Senate, so the House used a tricky rule and deemed it passed by the Senate without a single Senate vote. The then Democrat-controlled House sent the healthcare bill to Pres. Obama for immediate signature (See our 2010 Report, Points 4 &5).

The public discovered that in November 2014, the architect of Obamacare previously said multiple times, on video, that the intent of the government healthcare plan was to ‘deceive Americans.’ Multiple people including President Obama, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and other Democrats in government also were caught on video deceiving the American public regarding the truth about Obamacare.

This includes Obama telling Americans we could ‘keep your doctor, (and) your (existing) insurance,’ and “nobody is trying to change what works in the system.”

As for costs, healthcare funding was to come from the existing healthcare system (from who knows where). Then Mr. Obama said the actual net costs of Obamacare to “cover everybody” would be just $30-40 billion per year.

“About 60 percent of that (healthcare cost) can be paid for by taking money that’s already in the (healthcare) system but isn’t working to make you healthier — that can pay for about 60 percent of it. So really what we’re talking about is another $30 billion to $40 billion every year to cover everybody.”

— President Barack Obama, July 28, 2009 at AARP Town Hall (p6)

From just 2009 to 2012, U.S. government healthcare spending was up $300 Billion to about $10.6 Trillion. This is just slightly (sarcasm) more than the ‘$30 to 40 Billion’ Obama said it would cost.

So we know that about 33 million people are still not covered by health insurance over the last 6 years, and about 30 million are not likely to ever be covered (at least thought 2022). We know that about 11 million people lost their health insurance since Obamacare. Covering “everybody” with health insurance was never considered by the government, but covering everybody is the false promise of what the public was told.

Based on our analysis here, using said public statistical data, official statements, and from our previous related reports, we conclude that Obamacare is probably the most expensive and biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public.


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