State Reports

February 12th, 2017

This topic focuses on unique policy situations, and economic situations relating to a specific U.S. state.


2017-02-12 Analysis: ‘CalExit’ – People Fleeing the State Without Secession


2015-10-24 30 County Sheriffs Join Gun Rights Lawsuit in Los Angeles

2015-08-11 Murder in Chicago: Politicians Tough on Guns, Weak on Criminal Prosecution


2014-11-25 Ferguson Case Documents: State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson

2014-03-27 Economy: How Does Your State Measure Up?


2013-05-30 CA Senate Passes Gun Ban, Requires Permit & Background Check to Buy Ammo

2013-03-20 California & FED Government Seeks Regulate & Track Ammunition Sales

2013-03-14 California Taxes on Gas Doubled Since 2010

2013-03-01 Detroit Facing Bankruptcy – (D) in Charge Last 51 Years

2013-02-20 Chicago Politicians Shoot for Gun Control, but Protect the Criminals


2012-11-15 7.2 Million Registered California Voters Did Not Bother to Vote in 2012

2012-11-07 California Votes in Higher Taxes, Did Government Mislead Voters?

2012-09-04 Los Angeles Mayor to Speak at DNC, but Not Likely About California’s Economy


2011-04-04 Los Angeles Mayor Hit with Record Fine in Apparent Ethics Scandal

2011-02-01 Proposed Budget for the State of California

2011-01-14 Job Killer? Illinois Record Tax Increase


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