Private Asset Management

July 17th, 2011


Private Asset Management

Private Client Group

Q: Can you help me with my investments?
A: Net Advisor™ may be available for private consulting under certain arrangements.

Q: Can you help me manage my money on a regular basis?
Outside consulting, at this time Net Advisor™ does not hold self out to the general public as a “financial advisor.”  Net Advisor™ may help certain qualified institutions and qualified individuals.

Net Advisor™ may be available for consulting and or management of private assets for a qualified client or group of qualified clients and or institutions with total combined participating assets from $10-25 million+ to be structured in one or more private fund(s) which can be customized for investor’s needs. Net Advisor™ has developed fund structures in the past and have worked with tax and legal experts in this area. This can be discussed in greater depth (please see basic qualifications below*).

*What is an Accredited Investor?
Accredited investors…include natural persons with individual incomes in excess of $200,000 (or joint spousal incomes of $300,000) for the two most recent years, if they reasonably expect to earn at least the same amount in the current year. Natural persons with individual (or joint, with a spouse) net-worth over $1 million also are considered to be accredited investors.

*What is a Qualified Purchaser?
One with $5 million in net assets for individuals and $25 million net assets for entities; or

*A person is one who has at least $750,000 under management with the adviser or in excess of $1.5 million net worth; or is a “qualified purchaser.”

Definitions subject to SEC amendments.

Q: Why are client income and net worth minimums at these levels?
A: These are income/ net worth levels that are set by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Generally, the U.S. government deems those with such higher incomes, assets, and net-worth to be deemed as, “sophisticated investors.”

Any business would be by contract and require in-depth consultation to see if there is an appropriate business fit.




Services not available in all areas.

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Please note private investment management or other consulting is NOT provided by or KMG, Inc. – a non-profit organization.

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