Auto Industry

February 13th, 2016

This topic focuses on issues relating to the auto industry. We have archived all the auto-related articles here.


2014-01-02 Foreign-owned Fiat Takes 100% Control Over Chrysler


2013-03-01 Detroit Facing Bankruptcy – (D) in Charge Last 51 Years


2012-04-12 Treasury’s Nightmare: The $17.2 Billion Bailout of GMAC

2012-04-11 GM Gets $275 Million Government Subsidy in Australia

2012-03-26 Did Chrysler Repay Its Debts? Another Lesson in Semantics


2011-08-24 GM in Class Action Lawsuit Over Chevrolet Impala – Obama Backed Warranty

2011-04-05 Motors Liquidation Company Ceases Trading


2010-11-19 GM Back on the Road

2010-07-27 GM All Charged Up on Volt and IPO

2010-06-28 Tesla Motors: Hot Green Car or Need $$$ For Green Car?

2010-04-27 Did GM Repay Its Debts? A Lesson in Semantics


2009-09-15 Shhhhhh! (Not Everyone is Paying Back TARP)

2009-09-11 Government Motors (GM) Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked?

2009-09-03 Cash for Clunkers Part II: Too Big to Run?

2009-08-14 Motors Liquidation Company (MTLQQ) FAQ (about bankrupt “old GM” stock)

2009-08-05 Cash for Clunkers: Tax Dollars Help Foreign Car Sales

2009-07-14 General Motors Post History (NetAdvisor™ addressed GM-related questions from about June 2008 to July 2009.)

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