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September 30th, 2016

Legal Disclaimer. Terms of Service (TOS).
Please note and assume the following general legal disclaimer regarding all published articles and other work whether or not it is explicitly noted.

“The information provided herein should not be deemed as investment, tax, or legal advice. NetAdvisor.org®, any author of articles, reports and general published work (altogether and from hereon and herein referred to as “we” and “us” and “our”) are not a tax or legal advisor, and we do not hold ourselves out to the general public as a financial advisor. Always seek a professional qualified advisor for any such advice sought. We are not responsible for 3rd party content such as links from published work(s), and thus we do not guarantee their accuracy. Third party links may be subject to copyright, and are provided as a reference to the matter(s) being discussed. Any images or other relevant information associated in published articles or other content is being used under 17 USC § 107-118, “fair use.” Any information that may be provided herein is not intended to be a solicitation to buy, sell, or short any securities, commodities, futures, options, hedge funds, private equity funds, property, or any other investment, or other service. The information provided via us and or “Net Advisor™” is believed to be reliable, to the author’s knowledge, experience and belief and supporting data; however is not guaranteed. Information posted is generally based on U.S.A. data, and may not apply uniformly to non-U.S.A. counties. Information, data, posts, articles, etc., are provided on an “as is” and without any warranties, guarantees or representations of any kind whether implied or not. Any and all information posted herein or attached is generally current at time of posting, and may be subject to change without notice. Financial markets, political, economic and other conditions can change; therefore, our, or our author’s opinions may change at any time without notice. Consulting and or other business services are provided by separate, independent, contracted companies and or via independent advisors; by law, we and our providers cannot make any certain guarantees of future outcomes. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. We do our best to insure complete accuracy. Please know we are human, and thus not responsible for typographical errors. Please advise us if you find an area for editing review. Our policies may be amended from time to time and will be published on this page. Thank you!”

Social Media Disclaimer.
Any “following”, “friending,” “liking,” “Re-tweeting” or the similar in social networks including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker, Tumblr, Pinterest, MySpace, etc., does not necessarily constitute endorsement. We may use third-party technology to add and remove accounts, and seek to block “offensive” accounts. We may use third-party technology to auto-follow-back others. We cannot guarantee we catch every instance of spam or offensive content. Posted comments or tweets by Net Advisor™ is not necessarily endorsed by NetAdvisor.org®, KMG, Inc., or our current parent company, organization, or partners. Such posts are made under U.S. Constitution’s 1st Amendment rights. We have no known control over who gets associated and when or for how long via the Twitter follower dialog box located on the right column of this website. These are generally recent twitter followers. This process is done automatically by an application plug-in which was developed by a 3rd party for public use. We have no known control of editing out accounts we feel are “inappropriate” for our education media website. If you have any concerns please send a direct message to @NetAdvisor or e-mail us. Thank you for your support!

Additional Disclaimers/ Disclosures.
All education media and other articles written by Net Advisor™ are published through and property of KMG, Inc. – a non-profit corporation used under license or our current parent entity.

Consulting and other business services are contracted through independent service providers which may be either for-profit or non-profit corporations or organizations and whom are responsible for their own services and content that may appear on our website. KMG, Inc. – a non-profit organization does not necessarily endorse any other company or advertisement or third party links that may appear on the netadvisor.org® domain.

Privacy Policy.
We collect information from visiting this site which may include, but may not be limited to Internet Protocol addresses, and country of origin. Information collected is generally used to see how visitors are using the website, what topics have current interest, monitoring general site traffic, monitoring any unauthorized use, track and remove spammers, and maintain general integrity of the website. We do not sell your information or have any malicious or covert intent to cause any issues to law-abiding visitors.

Posting Comments.
Comments are welcome. We have made it easier to post comments on our articles. To reduce spam messages, comments may be held for moderation. Comments deemed as spam will be archived including the IP address from where the spam apparently originated, and may be analyzed and investigated if there is a chronic issue. For everyone else with good intent, we will post comments on-topic as long as they do NOT include profanity, alcohol, drug, “adult oriented” websites or inappropriate references. We welcome debates and comments of opposing views. Links posted in comment section that contains inappropriate material, advertising, off-topic, solicitation or spam will not be posted. Comments may be edited to filter out prohibited links or language. Posted comments are done voluntary and become the property of NetAdvisor.org® and or KMG, Inc. – a non-profit corporation or our current parent entity and are made without compensation or other consideration. We do not post visitors email addresses submitted with comments, and such may be used for verification purposes, such as to inquire if that email address really made the comment.

Site Rating.
Some websites have their own rating system in their code. We would rate out site as “PG-13” due to media coverage of events such as terrorism, where there will be images, graphics and content that may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Parental discretion is hereby advised.

Links are provided as a reference to the information discussed. If a link is lined out (“L̶i̶n̶e̶d̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶“) it means our system has automatically discovered that the link is either broken, has moved, or was removed by the original content owner. We do try and repair and update links back to their information source whenever possible. In some cases we may use PDF files to replace broken links, other third-party web archiving to help maintain the original content. Please notify us for link repair.

Some 3rd party applications we may use could contain 3rd party ads in exchange for using the “free” application. Links to 3rd-party websites used to reference cited sources of information often will contain ads that we have no control of. In order to keep the content on this domain free, we have partnered with one or more 3rd party companies that will manage ads that may appear on this domain. Depending on the success of this test, we may receive a percentage of ad or ad-related revenue. This domain, netadvisor.org is maintained as a non-profit education media org. The company or companies that manage advertising are generally considered as for-profit entitles, and not affiliated with netadvisor.org or KMG, Inc. – a non-profit corporation. The organization’s corporate, financial, and or general advisor will assist in setting up, reviewing content on behalf of netadvisor.org or KMG, Inc. – a non-profit corporation. Since this is a new area, all content may not be thoroughly reviewed, but we have requested 3rd parties who manage such content to be “appropriate” for our reader audience. If there are any ad content concerns, please advise us of those concerns. We do not provide any advertiser with any personal information from our subscribers, including those who have provided us with a name and or email address.

This website and 3rd parties may use “cookies.” Cookies are very common and used by pretty much every web-host. We use 3rd party services to see how people are using the website, including monitor web-traffic. Most search engines use cookies including for monitoring search term popularity and advertising interests. Advertisers on this site may place 3rd party cookies which can be used for ad-related traffic reasons. We have no malicious intent, or subversive use of cookies. Cookies can be removed from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and on other web browsers.

At this time any voluntary donations made to support our organization, content work and web development are not yet tax-deductible. Our parent company is a non-profit corporation. Donations are made to a 3rd party currently, Polaris Partners who is acting as our custodian. Our custodian company does not receive any fees or other compensation for donations made to our organization. Instead, the custodian will receive up to 100% of our advertising fees generated from this domain. We had our legal counsel review changing our potential tax status, from previously operating on zero revenues. To change our current tax structure is slightly involved and costly. We would like to move toward this change in the future. If there are tax and or legal experts in this area working with general NPO’s who would like to help us, it would be most appreciated. We may decide to restructure on our own at a later date as material donations are sufficient to cover our costs.

Donation & Subscription Privacy. We Respect Your Privacy.
We, including our donations custodian, Polaris Partners will NOT use your name, email, phone or other personal information you choose to provide to us to annoy you (personally and directly solicit) with or for future contributions, donation requests, or for any other business, or other marketing purposes unless you have chosen to request such: For example, if you set up automatic monthly or annual contributions only the user has control of those contributions. We will not contact you. You can change or cancel contributions any time. We understand people want to maintain their privacy and anonymity. We will not provide any of your personal information to any 3rd party for any other solicitation or other purpose.

In the event of error or change of mind, we will fully refund the last 60 days of donations/ contributions back to you. Just contact us here with your request. if you can send a direct message to @NetAdvisor or tweet saying you sent an email, and someone will seek to retrieve the message. In the event of oversight (as we do not regularly monitor contributions), just enter a dispute with the vendor or card company and we will not challenge it, and you will get a full refund according to the vendor/ card company’s terms.

We Respect Your Privacy. General Policy.
We do NOT sell, rent, give, lend, offer, exchange, etc, your email address, phone, or personal information to any marketing company or other 3rd party for any 3rd party sales, marketing or advertising purposes. Subscribing to our content is spam free. Please subscribe directly from our website at http://www.netadvisor.org and not any 3rd party website bearing a similar name or likeness. You can unsubscribe anytime.

Trade Mark Notice:
NetAdvisor.org®  is a Trade Mark Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, used under license. NetAdvisor™ is also a Trade Mark used under license.

Please be advised we are NOT affiliated with any other organization, company or website that attempts to bear our domain or company name or any similarity as such. We are not affiliated with any .com .net or other domain extensions.

If you see “netadvisor” used on any website or as a “screen name” if it is not listed and approved on this page (below) it is not us.

Official Authorized Accounts: FlickerFaceBook (deleted our account – censorship) Gravatar, Pinterest (screwed up our name), TumblrTwitter (most active), and Yahoo (‘retired’).

Hijacked account: Instagram.

Media or other Inquiries.
For media or other inquiries, please contact us by email or send a live message on twitter to @NetAdvisor. Please follow on Twitter here.


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