Real Estate

February 14th, 2016


This topic focuses on all real estate matters. Our articles have been archived here.


2013-09-05 U.S. Mortgage Rates up 40% Since October

2013-4-10 Obama Took On More Housing Risk, FHA Now Insolvent


2011-03-31 Bank Bailouts –& How Gov Helped Create the Housing Crash

2011-03-22 Housing Market Likely to Remain Under Pressure


2010-06-07 Real Estate Market Shows Mixed Signs

2010-05-13 Maybe Someone Should Investigate the Investigators?

2010-01-22 FHA’s New Move to Shore up Balance Sheet Likely to Increase Foreclosures


2009-09-18 FHA: After 75 Years, Welcome to Risk Management

2009-08-21 Now What? – Another $1 Trillion Bailout?


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