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Obama’s Four Years of Blame

October 24th, 2012
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Obama’s Four Years of Blame

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WASHINGTON DC. U.S. President Barack Obama has demonstrated a four year history of blaming a dead person, to blaming the weather to blaming average Americans for all the problems that exist in America.

The following are just random examples of The President’s own shortcomings onto others.

  • Blame Bush” – Standard blame when something goes wrong.
  • Also drinking the Kool-Aid, former Obama Advisor Christina Romer blamed Bush everything from Health Costs to the Deficit (PDF)
  • Republicans are (the) radicals” – Obama referring to Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. The fact is, not even one Democrat has voted for Obama’s own Budget for the last two years (article, Point #15)
  • Obama Blames Supreme Court before ObamaCare ruling in case Obama-care fails (report).
  • Obama blames oil companies for American’s Energy short fall. Obama’s energy policies costly and have not worked (report). Obama then tries to manipulate oil prices (report). Oil prices more then doubled under Obama (report).
  • Obama and Clinton ongoing chatter blaming Bush for past policies, exporting jobs, housing mess. All created by government – but not the Bush government (report).
  • Obama Blames the Weather for Poor Jobs Report (NetAdvisor.org, 03-05-2010)
  • CNN: American’s too dumb to understand Obama’s speech (The Raw Story, 06-17-2010)
  • Obama Blames Voters for (the 2010) Election (NewsMax, 11-08-2010)
  • Obama Blames ‘Democracy’ (Fox Nation, 08-04-2011)
  • Obama Blames S&P downgrade on ‘faulty math and logic’ (USA Today, 08-08-2011) (report)
  • Obama Blames the media for his ‘cold and aloof’ image (Politico, 01-19-2012)
  • Obama: ‘Americans Are Too Stupid to Understand Economics’ (CSPAN Video, 01-31-2012)
  • Obama Blames GOP for Inability to Pass Immigration Reform (ABC News, 09-20-2012)
  • Obama Blames Bush for “Fast and Furious,” contradicts his DOJ (The Examiner, 09-20-2012)
  • Obama Blames Romney/ Ryan for Libya ‘Circus’ (Breitbart, 10-11-2012)
  • Obama Blames the Congress for GITMO remaining open (CSN, 10-22-2012)

Does a leader spend 4 years blaming everyone else for problems that a leader is to solve? The Administration had full control of congress for 1/2 his term (2009-2010). Is this what a leader does?


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