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Food Police – Government Official Seizes 4 Year Old’s School Lunch – Pink Slime is Better?

February 16th, 2012
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Food Police – Government Official Seizes 4 Year Old’s School Lunch – Pink Slime is Better?

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North Carolina. The growing trend has seen government officials paid with taxpayer money to micro-manage our everyday lives. Now in North Carolina, the “Food Police” are after your children at school.

A four-year old girl at West Hoke Elementary School had her home brought lunch effectively seized by a government official from the Division of Child Development and Early Education at the Department of Health and Human Services.

The child’s mother packed her little girl’s lunch that consisted of a “turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, potato chips and apple juice.” The ‘food police’ then apparently told the child she was not allowed to eat her mom’s food, and instead was handed “chicken nuggets” – food served by the school’s cafeteria under federal “nutritional” guidelines.

Child Handed a ‘Government Food Citation’
The four year old girl came home with a “note” (aka ‘Government Food Citation’) to bill the parent(s) for the $1.25 school lunch.

“When the girl returned home from school, her unopened lunch contained a note from the school saying that her lunch didn’t meet the guidelines and a $1.25 bill for the replacement lunch.

— Source: Fox News (Video)

Health and Human Services cited “nutrition concerns” as the bases of their action.

Food Police Inspecting Your Child’s Lunch?
The North Carolina report stated that the government official was “inspecting all lunch boxes” at the elementary school’s classrooms that day.

After the mother complained, the school apologized and said she didn’t have to pay the $1.25 “replacement lunch.” The school, nor the government agency has NOT changed their invasive policy.


BEFORE: What mechanically separated chicken treated with ammonium hydroxide looks like before it becomes "chicken nuggets." (Source: HuffingtonPost.com)


AFTER: What chicken nuggets may look like AFTER they have been heavily processed, flavored and colored.

Are Chicken Nuggets Really Better For You? – You Decide.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture ruled that meats can be processed with limited exception with machines to get every little remaining pieces of “meat” off the bone of whatever animal is being processed, such as the chicken scraps pictured above (in pink).

“Mechanically separated poultry is a paste-like and batter-like poultry product produced by forcing bones, with attached edible tissue, through a sieve or similar device under high pressure to separate bone from the edible tissue.”

— Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture (PDF highlighted)

The federal government agency ruled in 2004 that mechanically separated beef (from cows) is unsafe to eat and may not be used in certain processed meat.

Due to FSIS regulations enacted in 2004 to protect consumers against Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (aka “Mad Cow Disease” PDF), mechanically separated beef is considered inedible and is prohibited for use as human food. It is not permitted in hot dogs or any other processed product.

— Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture (PDF highlighted) (further reading PDF)

McDonald’s Discontinued Using “Pink Slime” From Meals, But Government Says It’s Safe for Kids in School Food
After public and media pressure, McDonald’s says they removed what is commonly called “Pink Slime” (ammonium hydroxide) from its chicken and beef. According to a published report,

“ammonium hydroxide — an ingredient in fertilizers, household cleaners and some roll-your-own explosives —  in its hamburger meat…the U.S. Agriculture Department, which classifies it as ‘generally recognized as safe’.”

— Source: MS-NBC

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver called this process of what amounted to taking dog and cat food mixing with a chemical agent and such process now is acceptable by government as “safe” to eat:

What is “Pink Slime?” Video may be disturbing for some viewers.


Pink Slime Coming to a School Near You?
While the Food Police harasses little children at school, and bill their parent’s at home, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reportedly plans to purchase 7 million pounds of this “pink slime” (transformed chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and hamburger meat) to be fed to children in public school cafeterias this spring.

“Lunch Nazis?”
The New York Posted called this seize on American’s children, “Lunch nazis on the attack.” The government action seems to suggest that ‘government is the better parent.’ The government action can arguably make a child be concerned of what parents are feeding them, and if kids just trust the government, then the government will obviously take care of all their needs?

President Obama enjoying a high fat, high calorie, high sodium meal with deep fried French fries and a beverage (Image Credit: Associated Press).

President Obama is Directly Behind the Food Police
In June 2010, President Obama signed Executive Order #13544 (PDFshare link) (a unilateral action with no public discussion, no debate, nor Congressional approval) creating an “advisory group” to help control what we eat, and how we should modify our lifestyle.

The Obama law “to address lifestyle behavior modification” was obviously necessary because as adults, we are clearly too stupid to know how to feed our selves, and thus are so irresponsible, government will also decide what our kids can and cannot eat.

Michelle Obama speaking at Little Rock Air Force Base announcing how the U.S. military will eat now. (Image Credit: AP) 02-10-2012

Food Czar ‘Orders’ Pentagon How to Eat
Just recently, First Lady Michelle Obama was seen in Little Rock, Arkansas Air Force Base  announcing how members of the U.S. military will eat now. Mrs. Obama called the existing military diet a ‘national security’ risk.

‘It’s happening because our military leaders know it’s not just a diet issue, it’s not just a health issue. This is truly a national security issue…’

— First Lady Michelle Obama (Sources: DailyMail.UK and Reuters)

There is no truth to the rumor that this military diet will be called, “Operation Fat Ass.”

President & Michelle Obama both enjoying a high fat, high calorie, high sodium meal with deep fried French fries and a beverage (Image Credit: Associated Press).

Despite the call by Michelle Obama for kids and the military to eat better, and the president ordering how the rest of us should eat, “USDA officials told The Daily that 6.5 percent of the 111,556,000 pounds of beef it has contracted to buy this year will come from Beef Products Inc.” – processor of the dubbed “pink slime.”

Beef Products, Inc., a South Dakota company stated on their website on 02-16-2012 (PDF) that they are “the world’s leading producer of lean beef processed from fresh beef trimmings” (aka “pink slime”). The company makes the assertion that they use ammonia in their meat in apparent attempt to help kill e-coli bacteria. They further stated in their November 7, 2011 video that “Ammonia is essential for life.” Eat up kids!

Additional Video:
“Meat Smoothy” by the National Geographic Channel


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