October 9th, 2016

This topic focuses on issues relating to U.S. immigration policy.


2016.10.09 Obama-Clinton’s Contempt For American Voters

2016.06.27 Half U.S. Supreme Court Just IGNORED The Constitution


2015.12.29 Obama to Traffic 8,000 Illegals via Plane & Bus Through Mexico to USA

2015.03.04 75 Republicans Surrender to Dems Over Obama’s Immigration Action

2015.02.27 Obama Threatens ICE Police if They Don’t Follow Executive Amnesty

2015.02.17 FEDERAL JUDGE Temporarily BLOCKS Obama’s Amnesty Program


2014.11.20 How President Obama is Dismantling the U.S. Immigration System

2014.11.15 Analysis: Obama Prepares Most Serious Violation of His Oath of Office

2014.11.14 Is Obama’s Lack of Border Security Putting Americans at Risk?

2014.11.13 1986 ‘Amnesty Act’ Appears Illegals Paid No Fines, No Back Taxes

2014.11.04 President Obama’s ‘Lame Duck’ Mass Amnesty Plan

2014.10.31 Obama Admin. Soliciting 100,000 Haitians in Amnesty-Style Program

2014.07.23 War on America’s Southern Border?

2014.06.22 Obama Administration Offering Child Trafficking Jobs?

2014.06.11 Federal Judge: DHS (Repeatedly) Broke the Law


2011.09.06 DHS 2010 U.S. Mexico Border Security Statistics and Policies


2010.05.17 Past President Suggests More Illegals and Taxes Can Solve the Deficit


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