Foreign Policy

October 19th, 2016

This topic focuses on issues relating to U.S. Foreign Policy.


2016-10-19 Clinton Foundation Fails Haiti

2016-09-19 YES, Iraq DID Have WMD’s – Proof


2015-10-01 OP-ED: Rubio, Fiorina Seem Clueless on Syria Too?

2015-03-31 US-Iran Negotiating a Nuclear Deception


2014-09-22 Analysis: Obama’s Non-War Strategy to Defeat ISIS

2014-06-02 President Obama Trades 5 Key Terrorists for POW Deserter

2014-01-18 Did Iran Punk The Obama Administration?


2013-09-18 U.S. Leadership Continually Has Been Wrong on Iran’s Intent

2013-09-14 Russia and Syria Tell Obama How to Conduct Syrian Foreign Policy

2013-09-04 President Obama DENIES He Set “Red Line” in Syria – Blames the World

2013-08-30 Analysis Syria: Is the White House Suffering from Red Line Whiplash?

2013-08-16 Analysis: Egyptian Violence & U.S. Foreign Policy

2013-06-15 Will Arming Syria Be Another Big Mistake?


2012-03-25 U.S. Paid $50,000 to Each Civilian Death in Afghan-War Shooting Incident

2012-02-28 What’s Wrong with White House Foreign Policy – Afghanistan

2012-02-02 White House Steps Up Plan to Release al-Qaeda Supporters to the Taliban


2011-12-22 White House & VP Say the Taliban Isn’t U.S. Enemy?

2011-04-14 10 Year Old Guards Frontline in Libya – Obama GOA?

2011-03-29 Analysis on Obama’s 03-28-2011 Libya Speech

2011-02-12 Financing Foreign Policy – Hosni Mubarak (Egypt)

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