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February 14th, 2017


This topic related to review of general U.S. policies and U.S. elections-related.


2017-02-14 U.S. History: The Electoral College


2016-11-02 FBI Releases The Vince Foster Files After 23 Years

2016-10-31 Some 250 Hillary Clinton Scandals & Controversies

2016-10-26 Secretary Hillary Clinton and The Goldman Sachs Transcripts

2016-10-19 Clinton Foundation Fails Haiti

2016-10-16 Hillary Clinton ADMITS: Saudi & Qatar Support Terrorism, While Clinton’s Accept Their Money

2016-10-09 Insiders Expose Hillary Clinton’s Temperament

2016-10-09 U.S. Economy – Are You Really Better Off?

2016-10-09 Obama-Clinton’s Contempt For American Voters

2016-10-08 Pence Wins, Despite CNN Over-Sampled Democrats in VP Debate Poll

2016-09-30 How Democrats Seek to BAN ALL Firearms in the USA

2016-09-28 Is the U.S. Constitution at Risk in Election 2016?

2016-09-16 Fact Check – Obama Birther Movement Started by a Democrat Lawyer

2016-09-12 A Collection of Questions About Hillary Clinton’s Heath

2016-08-12 Election 2016: Compare Trump v Clinton on Taxes

2016-08-07 Review of the Hillary Clinton email Scandal

2016-07-05 FBI Says Will Not Recommend Charges in Clinton email Case

2016-07-04 Understanding the Differences Between a Democracy and a Republic

2016-06-27 Half U.S. Supreme Court Just IGNORED The Constitution

2016-01-05 Funny Video Tells All About the Jeb Bush 2016 Campaign


2014-11-04 Why Voting and Elections Matter

2014-05-13 Risks of Internet Voting in Political Elections

2014-03-06 Obama’s Biggest Supporters Are Wall Street (Democrat) Billionaires


2012-11-15 7.2 Million Registered California Voters Did Not Bother to Vote in 2012

2012-10-24 Obama’s Four Years of Blame

2012-10-10 Big Bird’s Big Bucks – Actor Made $314,000 in 2010

2012-10-04 Analysis & Fact Check Presidential Debate – Denver, CO

2012-09-13 Democrats Debate God? – Video DNC Controversy

2012-09-03 Analysis: Obama Campaign Ad Featuring President Clinton Misleading


2011-05-29 The Problem is Not My Policies, or Is It?

2011-01-13 The Great Train Wreck


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