February 24th, 2018

This topic focuses on issues relating to the U.S. Economy.


2016-10-09 U.S. Economy – Are You Really Better Off?

2016-02-29 Analysis: Why The U.S. Economy Failing Under Obama

2016-02-22 Census: Number of Americans in Poverty Highest Since 1959


2014-06-21 U.S. GDP Revised Lower to Show Negative Growth in First Quarter

2014-02-05 U.S. Retail Sales Plunge in December – Layoffs & Store Closures

2014-01-26 How Obama & the FED Made Income Inequality Worse

2014-01-14 Obama’s Part-time Economy and the Minimum Wage Push


2013-02-28 Is the Obama Administration Scaring Americans to Debt? – The Sequester


2012-01-25 Analysis & Fact Check: State of the Union Address


2011-07-16 Analysis on Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s View on the Economy


2010-10-05 FDIC Bank Loss Sharing Program (Update)

2010-10-01 More Semantics About Bank Bailouts – They Are Not Over

2010-08-06 Drama in the White House? Unemployment up 23%

2010-08-06 Another $800 Billion Stimulus?

2010-03-29 The Unique Treatment of GMAC Under TARP (video)

2010-02-17 More Obama Math: Stimulus and Job Saving is Far From Reality

2010-01-14 Obama Administration Returns to the 14th Century


2009-11-01 Economic Crack. Risk to The U.S. Economy

2009-09-24 You’re Sure There’s a Recovery in 2010, Right?

2009-09-15 Economists Said What? Sorry, But The Recession is Not Over

2009-09-03 Cash for This, Cash For That. Bailout America: ‘Part 25′

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