July 17th, 2011


Investigative Consulting

Net Advisor™ periodically has come across people or situations that after initial inquiry called for assist with proper authorities to help protect the public interest. Many of these reports related to alleged various financial crimes, money schemes and scams, or other serious regulatory violation cases.

At times, serious inquiries were forwarded to the appropriate authorities including Attorney Generals and Department of Corporations in various states, FBI, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Postmaster General, and or local law enforcement.

Once you turn over an inquiry to high level law enforcement, they generally don’t normally keep you in the loop as far as their further inquiry goes.

Net Advisor™ is currently not a licensed investigator due to our state requirement that says one must have 6,000 paid hours as an investigator before being able to take an exam to become a licensed investigator. Which begs the question? How do you get paid as an investigator if the state won’t issue you the license first? Welcome to my state.

Net Advisor™ is seeking an exception for a provisional license. We’d rather be licensed, but it looks like the state will let one operate without it until they issue it. So we wanted to make our disclaimers upfront – something risk mangers try to do. Net Advisor™ does have personal contacts with ex-law-enforcement now working as a licensed investigator, a licensed insurance investigator and others in the field may be called upon to assist if needed or requested.

The public may think of private investigators with cameras sitting in cars filming a cheating spouse. This is something we have no interest in doing. However if your cheating spouse turns into divorce and you feel there are assets unaccounted for or hidden assets, now we may be able to help. Net Advisor™’s investigative work will generally relate to issues surrounding financial matters.

Working in the field of financial securities, corporate regulatory compliance, training in the Patriot Act, many years of compliance training in the area of identifying financial crimes, along working with legal professionals also helped gain experience in Net Advisor™’s career.

Kinds of investigative work Net Advisor™ has performed to help business and consumers.

  • Skip Tracing, Data Collection and Analysis. Then taking available evidence to form a case, or submit leading information for law enforcement, regulatory authority or for the private client or their legal council.
  • Identify Financial Crimes. This may include but is not limited to check fraud, forgery, money laundering, investment fraud, insurance fraud, federal securities violations, online investment hype, offline investment hype, MLM hype, general money scams & schemes.
  • Discovery of Information. Questioning witnesses, victims, following leads to solve the case.
  • Financial Forensics. Analyzing tax returns, banks statements, locating hidden assets, assets in divorce, performing financial analysis including anyone’s financial picture to ascertain truth to a legal inquiry.

Net Advisor™ has enlisted the support of television media in an investigation to draw attention to an issue as a matter of protection of the public interest. Generally media do not get involved unless their is a risk to the public and other avenues may not be working fast enough to stop the perpetrators from continuing further crimes or civil violations.

“Sometimes the dark is afraid of the light.”

— Net Advisor™

Why would I need an Investigator? Where Net Advisor™ might be able to help.
Identifying check fraud, bogus financial instruments/ documents (such as stock certificates, bogus checks), private investment fraud, financial phishing, forgery, money laundering, other electronic crimes, identity theft, skip tracing, locating/ uncovering hidden assets, background checks, income disparity (financial forensics) such as in, during or after a breach of prenuptial, post-nuptial agreements, financial issues during separation, divorce, financial crimes issues such as investment losses, broker issues, embezzlement, retirement investment scams, pyramid schemes, any too-good-to-be-true investments, any analysis on investments, marketing claims, advertisements, promised investor returns or the similar and any of the 4 main points listed above.

In some cases a licensed legal advisor, law enforcement official, regulating or governing authority may be needed to assist.

Financial Phishing Scam – a public service announcement

Have you ever got a check in the mail for pennies or under a few dollars, and had no idea who it was from or why you received it?

Don’t cash the check just yet! This may be a Financial Phishing Scam where lots of checks have been sent out by scammers hoping you cash the check. Once you do, your signature, sometimes driver’s license, other personally identifying information and your bank account number may be returned back to the fraudsters that sent you the check. With the right information, they could attempt to do a reverse wire with your forged signature and wipe your bank account clean.

Don’t think for a moment that the banks can’t prevent this. Net Advisor™ investigated a case where several major U.S. banks were clearing stolen and forged checks from unsuspecting bank accounts and the criminals where then laundering the money into legit accounts. The money launders then took ATM withdrawals to steal the actual cash. It took 1-3 days to complete this transfer. It takes 25-30 days to get a copy of your bank statement unless you view it on-line in frequency. Yes, this case went to federal law enforcement.

So make sure the mystery check you got in the mail was from a verified source. If you were not expecting a check, and are not able to ascertain who the check is from, Google the info on the check, or call your bank and ask for the check fraud department and cite your concerns.

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