Health Care

June 22nd, 2015

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2015-05-22 Fact Check: Is Health Care Really Driving Down the Deficit?

2015-04-19 Medicare Specialty Drug Costs up 45.9 Percent in 2014


2014-11-11 Ten Things Congress Can Do to Reduce Health Care Costs Now

2014-11-11 John Gruber, Architect of Obamacare ADMITS: Health Care Law Intended to DECEIVE Americans

2014-05-25 New ObamaCare Rule May Be Costly for Seniors

What You Need to Know BEFORE Buying Health Insurance:

2014-02-06 Is ObamaCare Killing Jobs?

2014-01-25 Obama’s Four Years Healthcare Spending: $10.6 Trillion


2013-12-11 Is HHS Misleading Americans About the True Costs of Health Insurance?

2013-11-21 Pres. Obama Knew in Advance About Website Problems (emails)

2013-11-20 Pres. Obama Finally Admits: Gov is Not as Efficient as the Private Sector

2013-10-16 Analysis: HealthCare Costs & ObamaCare: How They Affect Us

2013-09-27 FACT CHECK: Obama’s 09/27/2013 Speech on ObamaCare

2013-09-27 The Tea Party – Threat to the Progressive Agenda?

2013-09-27 Democrat Senator: A “Train Wreck” Coming

2013-09-26 ObamaCare is an Example of Groupthink Gone Wrong

2013-09-20 Our CSPAN Tweets on 09/19/2013 ObamaCare Hearing


2012-04-03 Obama Shows Desperation Attacking the Supreme Court


2010-03-18 Health Care, the Deficit and Shadow Transparency

2010-02-08 Help Me. Help You.


2009-11-03 A Simple Solution To Reduce Higher Health Care Costs


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