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March 24th, 2014

In this topic an independent analysis is conducted based on publicly available data.

We are acting here as a consumer watch dog. Fraud Watch does not necessarily mean that articles and information posted under this topic have committed any fraud. Only a court having jurisdiction can make that evaluation. Thus we disclaim that “people and organizations are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

What we attempt to do is evaluate the claims and merits against public information and cite sources so individuals can have more information about what is being discussed from a non-bias point of view. Please keep in mind that it would be very challenging to monitor or review every complaint, or issue.

If you have any concerns about investments, solicitations, or advertising, or merits thereof, contact a local independent licensed attorney who has expertise regarding the legal matters of the investments (securities law attorney for investments), or an independent financial expert who has expertise in the area in question or contact your state or federal regulator. Keep in mind that financial advisers are not able to provide legal advice. Only licensed attorneys can provide legal advice.

Legal Help.
Many attorneys may offer an initial phone consultation of your case for free or at a reduced fee. Ask. Keep in mind that opinions may vary, so one may want to interview several attorneys to compare notes.
Contact: American Bar Association

Check Out Advisors, Stockbrokers and Investment Firms: (FREE)

Are they licensed, which licenses, with what firm, how long,  have any complaints, and their work history experience:
Contact: or call toll free USA 1.800.289.9999

Registered Investment Advisors (Series 65):
Investment adviser firms that have not registered with the SEC electronically will not appear on the IAPD page. If you do not see a firm listed through IAPD and you want to check the firm’s registration status, you should contact the SEC at (202) 551-6825 or contact the appropriate state securities authority through
Contact: or call 1.202.551.6825 (this is not a toll free call. Location: Washington DC)

Additional resources regarding advertising by non-registered persons:

If you have been ripped off or otherwise suspect investment fraud:
Aside from contacting the above regulators and speaking with a licensed attorney, you should contact local police, usually their financial crimes unit. For large dollar crimes, massive fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, more (see list from the following link).
Contact: FBI

Report Internet Crimes.
Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): A partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C)
Contact: IC3′s on-line form

Report Suspected Criminal Activity
FBI Tips and Public Leads

Non-profit Organization Report Anonymous Criminal Tips
Crime Stoppers USA

Please be reminded that we are not able to provide legal advice to legal questions.
Please see our Legal Disclaimer


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