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Obama-Clinton’s Contempt For American Voters

October 9th, 2016 1 comment

Obama-Clinton’s Contempt For American Voters

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WASHINGTON DC. The Obama Administration is doing everything they can to keep (failed) Left Ideology in power in 2016 and beyond. Part of this is to open the borders to people who will more likely vote Democrat, and then bribe them with taxpayer money. Let’s take a look at five points on how this is being done.

[1] Obama-Hillary Open Borders – Just Vote (D)?

To try and permanently secure (for example) California’s current 55 electoral votes (represents 20.37% of the entire USA’s vote), the Obama Administration is helping immigrants (illegal aliens) to become citizens (to vote).

Last June, California’s Governor Brown (D), signed a bill seeking permission to sell Obamacare to illegal aliens in the state. We argue that many or most will not be able to afford the high costs of government health insurance. As a result, illegal aliens in California will then be eligible for state and or federal taxpayer subsidies: Thus healthcare will be low cost or free at legal citizen’s expense.

A Pew Research study (chart below) shows that foreign citizens coming to the U.S. are expected to multiply the U.S. population by 7 to 1.

Many or most illegal aliens are not coming to the U.S. with pockets of cash, or bringing their vast wealth of foreign bank accounts, or trading up to use their advanced education or competitive job skills. This suggests that many are likely to end up on taxpayer welfare rolls. With a country $20 Trillion in debt, this is something that further constrains America’s economic growth.

The Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton wants to be more like Europe (border-less) – where anyone can come in and out like a revolving door. No checks on who is coming in or out of the country? They don’t want to check for criminals including smugglers, drug cartels, and terrorists either? All are welcome?

To assist in this goal (hide those with terror ties in the U.S.), Pres. Obama reportedly ordered Homeland Security to “scrub records” of those with terrorists’ ties:

The Obama Admin. has even instructed the Dept. of Homeland “Security” to actively help illegals gain entry into the U.S., threatened ICE Police if they don’t.

To put more strain on the already lack-less job-market, the Obama Admin granted 680,000 Green Cards to exclusively Muslim migrants over the last 5 years. This is not to say anything bad about those getting the Green Cards. The question is, doesn’t this strike some oddity that one group was specifically granted Green Cards verses other groups?

It’s not like we see 680,000 Green Cards issued to Christians or Catholics in Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Canada, or even Australia?

One would have to ask the question. Why is the Obama Admin. specifically allowing one group getting special treatment verses any other? We think it’s all about future voting power, and in 2008 Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” America.

The results of what Obama promised seems different than what his voters thought they were supporting (video analysis).

[2] National Insecurity

National Security does not seem to be a priority issue for the Obama Admission. In fact, the Obama Admin. is no longer screening or tracking foreign immigrants coming to the U.S.A.

So a few (or 1,000+) ‘bad apples’ (terrorists) get in or become “Lone Wolves.” As long as Democrats get voters, Americans who get killed in the process are just part of the carnage?

Sounds harsh?

Why did Obama Admin. order Homeland Security to scrub those with terror ties? Let’s look further into this.

The Obama Administration has been dismantling the U.S. immigration system for years; has ignored immigration laws, and as we found, threatened ICE police. Even the current split Supreme Court has ignored the U.S. Constitution when in comes to federal immigration laws.

Arguably, due to the lack of of any successful foreign policy to combat terrorism, global injuries and fatalities have soared during President Obama's watch. Chart data through 2014. Chart credit: Graphiq.

Arguably, due to the lack of any successful foreign policy to combat terrorism, global injuries and fatalities have soared during President Obama’s watch. Chart data through 2014. Chart credit: Graphiq.

Since 9/11, More Americans Killed By Terrorism Under Obama
Since 9/11 (2001) through last year (2015), there have been 51 attacks on Americans in USA during the Obama Administration, more than double under the previous President Bush. On a global scale, this number is significantly higher with some 40,000 fatalities and over 80,000 terror-related injuries (chart above).

Obama Admin Grants Amnesty to High Risk Illegal Aliens
Recently, the Obama Admin. was supposed to deport some 1,811 illegal aliens and instead granted them citizenship. All of these people were from countries of “special interest” (ie: terror-risk nations). See Sen. Grassley letter Letter to DHS.

This was reported to be an error or mistake, but no one corrected the error or mistake, and that shows true intent.

If someone has Court paperwork from an immigration judge with Court Orders to DEPORT someone, how can anyone confuse that to mean ‘granted citizenship’ and yet, this error or mistake was repeated over 1,800 times?

Maybe one, or a few times for one not paying attention to a “DEPORTATION ORDER” might be an error, but over 1,800 mistakes and all recent goes beyond incompetence.

Democrats Support Harboring Illegal Aliens
Senate Democrats BLOCKED a bill that would ‘crack down’ on Sanctuary Cities that harbor illegal alien CRIMINALS. Illegal alien future voters are more important than American citizens who have to suffer as a consequence? Pres. Obama seems to think so too.

What received little news coverage was that the Obama Admin. has been actively soliciting amnesty to 100,000 people from Haiti.

[3] Media’s Refugee Fantasy Image

Some in the media are not helping either. This is the typical image some in the media want American to think the Obama Admin. is helping:

Here are just a couple images most people won’t show you of what is also taking place.

Children are being taught (brainwashed) from early age to support the Caliphate, train as Islamic soldiers, use military weapons, taught contempt for America and the West as the cause of their pain and suffering.

Women are used as “baby factories” to mass produce future terrorists for ISIS’ army.

So when we see those so called lone wolves who were either born or naturalized in the U.S. from parents of high risk Anti-U.S. nations who grow up and commit terrorism in the U.S. Now, we might have an answer?

The Obama Admin. just rushed to the U.S. their 10,000th Syrian refugee in late August 2016. The Obama Admin has also imported immigrants (future voters) from Afghanistan, where the U.S. is still conducting war operations. A report says 99% of the Afghans coming to the U.S. support Sharia (not U.S.) law.

From 2013-2014 some 113 people have been arrested in the U.S. on terror charges including an Iraqi who entered the U.S. as a refuge.

[4] Refugees and Illegals Get Priority Economic Status Over Americans?

The U.S. (taxers) are supporting newly imported immigrants on every level and to the tune of $19,884 for each refugee. If you are not a refugee, just a regular illegal alien minor, the Obama Admin. is handing out a lotto ticket to come to the U.S.

In Mexico for example, the average monthly wage (for working citizens) is USD $520.00. The Obama Admin. budgeted $17,613 for each illegal alien minor that comes to the U.S. ILLEGALLY; that’s $2,841 more than the average U.S. citizen gets for their life-time contribution to the U.S. labor force in Social Security money.

So we see both refugees and illegal aliens who come to the U.S. get priority economy status over American citizens. One has to ask, what side is our President on?

[5] Clinton: I Was For America’s Security Until I Was Against It?

Hillary Clinton supported building a border wall, voted for it, but now finds it politically expedient to be against it in order to gain votes from incoming foreign immigrants.

Wikileaks recently disclosed a 2013 Hillary Clinton speech suggesting that a politician (her) needs to have a public policy position and a private policy position. So which Hillary do we believe?

A U.S. Senate report shows the percentage of imported refugees on welfare. These refugees are not interested in defending their own home let alone country, speak little to no English, have no money, have little to no education, and have little to no job skills. Yes, this is the new profile of the Democratic voter? The Obama Admin. is also encouraging U.S. companies to hire Syrian refugees. How do you conduct that job interview? What about American citizens out of work and who have job skills? — Uh, sorry?

Hillary Clinton said the U.S. border is “secure.” Clinton and her potential VP Kaine said they want to dissolve the U.S. border within 100 days of office and bring in 730,000 more permanent immigrants from countries in active war, terror homelands plus legalize all the illegals in the U.S.

The Director of the FBI testified before Congress that there is no way to screen all the Syrian refugees.

Obama and Clinton don’t see these people as providing humanitarian aid, but rather see them as potential voters.

In Short

It appears that President Barack Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton and others, have shown greater support for foreigners over protecting and securing the people who put them in office – the American citizen.

The outcome of the 2016 election will have HUGE implications for American citizens. The question is whether or not the U.S. will continue to be We the People and By the People? – Or will it become Foreigner Voters Over American Voters in order to gain and maintain political power?


Main Photo: Children including in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Syria are taught the “Evils” of Western Powers, specifically America, and to support the Caliphate of ISIS (ISIL/ Daesch). Image Credit: Frontline/ PBS (2016). Other image credits: Los Angeles Times, CNN, and Daily Mail.UK. Video from @bocavista2016.

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