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New EPA Rules Increases Energy Costs, Cuts Jobs, Power Grid at Risk

June 21st, 2014 1 comment


New EPA Rules Increases Energy Costs, Cuts Jobs, Power Grid at Risk

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WASHINGTON DC. The Obama Administration is adding extensive new regulations that attack our domestic low-cost energy industry. President Obama pushed 645 pages (PDF) of new EPA rules that add to the existing 1 million EPA rules.

Murray Energy CEO said on Fox Business News (FBN) on June 20, 2014 that President Obama is pushing to cut cheap coal energy from 40 percent to 14 percent, and is trying to replace it with more expensive wind and solar energy. Another report suggests the number is 30 percent, not 40 percent using a 2005 baseline.

Keep in mind that wind energy only works when there is wind. No wind, no energy. Solar only works when there is sunlight. Thus clouds, no solar energy; night time, no solar energy. These alternative energies can help a little, but they are not realistic long-term energy substitutes or solutions to provide constant energy to the U.S. power grid.

“Utility companies have long argued that tougher environmental regulations would reduce grid reliability.”

— Source: CS Monitor

Renewal energy accounts for only 8.9 percent of total energy used in the USA. CEO Robert Murry said that 411 power plants will be shutdown under Obama’s plans while Murry’s company and four state attorney generals litigate the Obama Administration over the new regulations.

The new Obama EPA regulations bypasses Congress, and will cost an estimated $17 billion a year or about 30 percent more regulatory costs to utility companies says FBN. Consumers can expect to see ever increasing electricity bills as a result.

Even Democrat-leaning unions are upset at Obama’s new EPA rules where unions say the new regulations will cost 152,000 mining jobs. Ed Rogers at the Washington Post wrote, “a new tax won’t change the weather.” To that point, this would be a fascinating psychological case study on the irrational belief system that some think that man can somehow control weather. House Speaker John Boener (R-Ohio) called Obama’s new EPA plan, “nuts.”

EPA Official Goes to Jail
A U.S. District Court sentenced John C. Beale to 32 months in prison for stealing almost $900,000 for failing to show for work, creating false expenses and claimed to work for the CIA. Beagle was a high-level official at the EPA.

Obama Keeping His Promise
In 2008, then Senator Obama admitted his energy plans would increase costs to consumers, and he would seek to put the coal energy business, out of business.

CEO Robert Murry gave a prayer and announced layoffs after Obama’s 2012 election as his industry is under attack by the Obama Administration’s stringent EPA rules.


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