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Web Traffic Report: FY 2016 (187) Countries Visited®

January 22nd, 2017 No comments


Web Traffic Report: FY 2016 (187) Countries Visited®

by® Staff

For calendar year 2016, there were 187 unique countries that visited® website, up from 162 countries in 2015, 151 countries in 2014 and 112 countries in 2013.

All of our own web traffic continues to be organic, meaning we don’t pay search engines or other parties to entice people to come visit the site. Since we are a non-profit org, and offering our content for free, we’re not overly concerned about paid traffic. We would like to think that if we can create interest and value for the readers, then the traffic will come.

An analysis of our web-traffic found that there was some unidentified traffic (listed as “unknown”). Web-traffic is identified by unique IP addresses. It is possible those “unknown” countries are very tiny, such as island nations.

Top 25 Visiting Countries in 2016

Our top 25 visitors were from the following countries in order of the highest web-traffic.

United States us
France fr
Russian Federation ru
Germany de
Ukraine ua
Great Britain gb
Canada ca
China cn
Virgin Islands (British) vg
Slovak Republic sk
Israel il
Netherlands nl
Romania ro
Sweden se
Seychelles sc
Estonia ee
Unknown zz
India in
Vietnam vn
Brazil br
Turkey tr
Thailand th
Mexico mx

Here is a complete list of the 187 vising countries to for calendar year 2016.

Social Media

In 2016, NetAdvisor also discussed timely news reports and commentary on Twitter where there was high interest over the 2016 Presidential Election, the U.S. Economy, Deficit, and Health Care.

The estimated total number of Global Social Media Accounts in 2016 was 2.34 Billion. Our social media rank was listed as #150,226 in the world based on a sample of 1.2 million accounts. The average person following NetAdvisor™ is currently age 32, with a 52% female demographic, and New York is the most popular city reading our tweets (23%).

NetAdvisor™ is considered to be “Very Friendly” by a 3rd-party social media analytics application.

NetAdvisor™ continues to be ranked within the Top 1% in Social Media (as of 01-22-2017). Previous ranks: Top 1% (2016), Top 1% (2015), Top 5% (2014). We don’t buy social media followers either, and according to a third party tracking app, we have only one percent of our followers as deemed “fake followers.”

We are still (since about Oct. 2012) blocked or banned (now removed 2016) from Facebook. This incident coincidentally occurred prior to the 2012 (Presidential) General Election, and almost immediately after publishing extensive investigative and analytical reports on Benghazi to Facebook. Facebook has not responded to our inquiries. can also be instantly translated into 40 different languages with our translation feature near the top of every page.

We also periodically update our public figures that have linked with us on social network(s). One can see our noted social network followers here.

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Thank you for visiting®!

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