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February 24th, 2018

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Net Advisor‘s Verified Work

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Net Advisor™ has work that appears on a number of websites. This page created for those who would like to read more of what Net Advisor™ has published in the past or is currently doing. Comments, commentary, responses, etc. may also be found on other websites are not included here.

Find Net Advisor™ on Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers Top Contributor

Yahoo! “Top Contributor: Investing, and Personal Finance”
Find over 5,500 answers provided by Net Advisor™ on Yahoo! Answers.
People ask questions, we give answers.

Net Advisor™ began writing on Yahoo! Answers on January 24, 2007. Net Advisor™ stated that the purpose of coming to Yahoo! was to try and help as many people as possible before the 2007+ economic crises were to unfold. He notes that he didn’t know it was going to be that bad, only that he knew some big financial institutions such as banks had to fail, and that the housing market would effectively collapse. Net Advisor™ noted that he wanted to post some of his views on the markets based on questions being asked where they can be independently verified as for time and when major events occurred. The reason for this is so that anyone can look back at these posts and note their level of accuracy through an independent source, in this case, Yahoo, Inc.

By June 2008, Yahoo! credited Net Advisor™ as “Top Contributor” in two separate categories covering “Investing” and “Personal Finance.” Users ask questions, and the Yahoo! community votes for who they thought had the best answer to the questions asked. The voting is “blind,” where account a person’s account status, their “screen names” are removed and only the answers appear during several days of open voting.

Net Advisor™ has a 75% “Best Answer” ratio with the Yahoo! Answers community voting for over 4,000 Net Advisor’s™ answers as the “Best Answer” to the question presented (Official Record – PDF).

There were some instances where the Yahoo! community reported to Net Advisor™ of what appeared like companies or websites engaging in questionable investments, schemes, or financial crimes. Net Advisor™ would review and attempt to investigate the issues. Where warranted, Net Advisor™ would provide relevant information to authorities having specific jurisdiction such as the FBI (, U.S. Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission (, and the Securities and Exchange Commission ( for further review.

As a trained and experienced counselor with children, teens and adults, Net Advisor™ also found many questions being asked of a personal nature. He also worked to try and help address issues relating to family, relationships, dating, and general issues. Probably, the most common question that appeared every day on Yahoo! Answers was: “Am I pregnant?”

As of 10-10-10, (2010) Net Advisor™ retired from Yahoo! Answers and pursued other public work for a non-profit organization. Net Advisor™ Yahoo! Answers is a free service of Yahoo, Inc.

Net Advisor™'s Old Yahoo Blog

Net Advisor™ Previous Yahoo! Blog.
This is where Net Advisor™ wrote some 70 (seventy) original articles before publishing on Net Advisor™ began writing about timely subjects from on or about July 14, 2009 covering general investing, financial markets, banking, real estate, risk, impact perspective on government policy and wrote about specific major companies. Net Advisor™’s first published work was about General Motors. Net Advisor™ felt that few people really understood what was really going on with GM, so he created a page and linked his 78 Yahoo! Answers to GM related questions. Net Advisor™ noted that he actually had more than 78 GM answers, but stopped counting at this point. These GM questions started on or about June 2008, long before GM’s bankruptcy was even a thought of as a potential risk.

Net Advisor™’s current work can now be found here at

Writing Style and Intent
The work that Net Advisor™ has published is intended to be more analytical, and research-based, supported by fact, and not bias personal opinion, rant or chat. One will find extensive third–party links and documents from sources that are generally deemed to be creditable to support the arguments presented.

The intent is to bring attention to subjects that Net Advisor™ feels the public may have a vested interest and such information may provide value to the public.

Net Advisor™ seeks to examine the merits of a policy being discussed. Net Advisor™’s general filter is to side with the people (the tax payers) of the United States; to insure that government is fair and forthright with accurate information; to report if there are discrepancies and to cite generally reliable and recognized sources showing where policy conflict exists, and if possible offer solutions. Net Advisor™ typically will analyze how government policy can impact our country, and the economy.

Find Net Advisor™ on Twitter

Net Advisor™ on Twitter
Twitter has been a place where Net Advisor™ began integrating tweets into his work since December 4, 2009. Net Advisor™ says that he found writing articles in depth can take some time, thus he often will attempt to flag various news stories, and thoughts on subjects relevant at the time. Net Advisor™ has “starred” certain Tweets to flag higher importance, and to help find articles later, to compare historical references, and to acknowledge other’s communications.

From Twitter:
“Get updates via SMS by texting follow NetAdvisor to 40404 in the United States.” Standard text message rates apply per your contract with your cell phone carrier. This is a service provided by Twitter. We do not profit from this service by Twitter.

NetAdvisor™ and Facebook






NetAdvisor™ and Facebook
We’ve receive many messages asking us if we are on Facebook. NetAdvisor™ was on FaceBook. We are currently being blocked (or as we see it – “banned”) from Facebook without notice. (Our Facebook link). At the time we had somewhere between 500 to 570 followers or “friends” as Facebook calls them.

This incident occurred about two months (and coincidentally?) after we published our first 5-part analysis on events related to the terror attack in Benghazi prior to the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. The articles were posted and or re-posted to Facebook by us, our “Facebook friends,” and on major media outlets that permitted sharing of ideas. We view the apparent ban as censorship. We collect public files on others who have been subject to free speech bans on social media. If you know anyone who experienced this issue, please report it to us. If you enjoyed any of our articles, and you are on Facebook, please “Like” our articles and reports. Appreciate your support to stop any censorship. Thank you!


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Net Advisor™ Book Publishing
Net Advisor™ has been developing a number of books which titles and topics are currently kept confidential. Books are not published yet. We will provide a link when this is ready.

Find Net Advisor™’s general bio here.


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