Web Traffic Report: Sep 2013 (112) Countries Visited NetAdvisor.org®

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Web Traffic Report: Sep 2013 (112) Countries Visited NetAdvisor.org®

by NetAdvisor.org® Staff

In August 2013, we (manually) sampled just fifty (50) random pages of over 1,200 pages of our web traffic. We found of those 50 pages there were 44 unique countries that visited the NetAdvisor.org® website.

Today, we went a little deeper and used a third-party computer analysis of all the web traffic for the month of September 2013. The report showed that there were 112 unique countries visiting the website. We found that all year thus far, international traffic was consistently at least double than our manual estimate of 44 unique countries, and typically has been in excess of 100 unique country visits.

Since this site began, all of our traffic is organic, meaning we don’t pay search engines or other parties to entice people to come visit the site. Since we are a non-profit org, and offering our content for free, we’re not overly concerned about paid traffic. We would like to think that if we can create interest and value for the readers, then the traffic will come.

We are publishing a sample summary of our global traffic here.

[1] Visual Graphic: Countries in the Order of Highest Number of Visits to NetAdvisor.org®

2013-09-00 Top countries visiting (112)-Build-post

[2] Chart by the Numbers
Since we mostly write about U.S. and related issues, most of our traffic comes from within the United States. We do cover foreign policy, international terrorism, and periodically international economic issues in the EU or as they relate to one of our reports. Because these issues relate to international communities, we suspect that is why we have a large number of international visitors each month.

This site can also be instantly translated into 35 different languages with our translation feature; of course one needs to know to look for the word “[Translate]” at the top of each page, which is written in English.

We found it interesting that people from France were our second most frequent visitors in September, followed by China where their government has huge restrictions of allowing their people access to western media. China and Russia are typically avid readers, after the USA. Here is the list in order of most frequent visitors from which country. The following list is the same from the above graphic, numbering the rank in order of traffic from the corresponding country.

Countries Visited NetAdvisor.org® in Order of High Traffic First.

  1. United States
  2. France
  3. China
  4. Ukraine
  5. Canada
  6. Russian Federation
  7. Germany
  8. Sweden
  9. Great Britain
  10. Poland
  11. Israel
  12. Slovenia
  13. Netherlands
  14. Estonia
  15. Turkey
  16. Hong Kong
  17. Taiwan
  18. Iran
  19. Finland
  20. Philippines
  21. India
  22. Romania
  23. Thailand
  24. Japan
  25. Italy
  26. Brazil
  27. Indonesia
  28. Czech Republic
  29. Venezuela
  30. Malaysia
  31. European country
  32. Hungary
  33. Argentina
  34. Latvia
  35. Switzerland
  36. Colombia
  37. Peru
  38. Vietnam
  39. Singapore
  40. Algeria
  41. Iraq
  42. Egypt
  43. Spain
  44. Lithuania
  45. Kazakhstan
  46. Republic of Serbia
  47. Mongolia
  48. Greece
  49. South Korea
  50. Ireland
  51. Pakistan
  52. United Arab Emirates
  53. Belarus
  54. Australia
  55. Ecuador
  56. South Africa
  57. Bulgaria
  58. Denmark
  59. Moldova
  60. Austria
  61. Bangladesh
  62. Mexico
  63. Syria
  64. Azerbaidjan
  65. Morocco
  66. Chile
  67. Cyprus
  68. Libya
  69. Nigeria
  70. Trinidad and Tobago
  71. Saudi Arabia
  72. Croatia
  73. Zimbabwe
  74. Honduras
  75. Tunisia
  76. Cambodia
  77. Albania
  78. Georgia
  79. Luxembourg
  80. Ethiopia
  81. Armenia
  82. Seychelles
  83. Lebanon
  84. Slovak Republic
  85. Norway
  86. Zambia
  87. Paraguay
  88. Qatar
  89. Sudan
  90. Costa Rica
  91. Bolivia
  92. Benin
  93. Macau
  94. Uzbekistan
  95. Puerto Rico
  96. Palestinian Territories
  97. Nepal
  98. Angola
  99. Afghanistan
  100. Bahrain
  101. Mauritius
  102. Nicaragua
  103. Guatemala
  104. Cape Verde
  105. Ghana
  106. Jordan
  107. Yemen
  108. Sri Lanka
  109. New Zealand
  110. Kuwait
  111. Namibia
  112. Belgium

— Data Source: awstats

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