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CNN: Hillary Won – Most Everyone Else: Trump Won

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CNN: Hillary Won? – Most Everyone Else: Trump Won

Original article written by Net Advisor

HEMPSTEAD, New York. The first presidential Debate of 2016 came and went. Now many in the media are trying to re-frame everything of what you saw and heard to what political pundits (including many media) want you to think you saw and heard.

CNN claimed that Hillary won (62% to 27%) according to their one poll.

Steven Shepard, Campaign editor for the politically left-leaning Politico, weighed in with a claimed win for Hillary Clinton. This was based on an unknown number of people who participated in a post-debate survey.

These are the members of The POLITICO Caucus, not all of whom participated in this special survey.” (page bottom. red emphasis added).

But if you go to Politico’s twitter account, the people are saying something else.

Trump weighed in with this:

and this:

Hillary Clinton just noted CNN’s poll and seemed to ignore all the ones she was losing.

The debate gathered a record 84 million viewers. So we gathered other opinion polls that seem to tell another story, and greatly outnumbered Politico’s and CNN’s polling.

Twitter was active with social media users hash-tagging key terms for anyone who wanted to participate in their poll could. Note the number of responses (randomly posted here in order of largest participants by votes – at time of post).

We even put out our own twitter poll, genuinely asking people who won the first presidential debate.

The next debate will be October 4th. Here is the current schedule.


Image Credits as noted: Tweets posted by public accounts from twitter.com

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