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Funny Video Tells All About the Jeb Bush 2016 Campaign

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Funny Video Tells All About the Jeb Bush 2016 Campaign

original article written by Net Advisor

WINDHAM, New Hampshire. As the hotly contested 2016 Presidential election comes this November, we came across this video from CSPAN that aired a very small gathering of apparent Jeb Bush supporters in Windham, New Hampshire (Dated Dec. 19, 2015).

Please excuse the unprofessional video quality but it was an impromptu video capture, edited for highlights, and music added to focus on non-verbals rather than substance to prove a point. The video shows it doesn’t really matter what Mr. Bush says, the non-verbals of his audience tells the whole story.

The fact that the audience is not in some 5,000-25,000 filled stadium, but rather in some room, reflects the current poor polling numbers of the former Florida Governor. I’m sure Jeb is a nice man. Politically speaking, in our view he just doesn’t seem to have the genuine strength of persuasive speech, or body language to move people to mass support.

It seems as if he is told by his handlers how to think, what to say, and then he waits for that opportunity, then regurgitates some lines. That is not what America is looking for in a leader in 2016.

So for entertainment purposes, and again to argue the point, we present this video.


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