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US-Iran Negotiating a Nuclear Deception

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Original publish date: March 31, 2015
Update: April 1, 2015 added [numbered brackets] for reference points.
Update: June 15, 2015. Including Russia plans to build a new nuclear plant in Iran this year.

Ali Hosseini Khamenei, 2nd Supreme Leader of Iran and Pres. Barack Obama (image credit: uncredted. Please advise for credit).

Ali Hosseini Khamenei, 2nd Supreme Leader of Iran and Pres. Barack Obama (image credit: uncredted. Please advise for credit).

US-Iran Negotiating a Nuclear Deception

original article written by Net Advisor

WASHINGTON DC. The Obama Administration has been desperately working to show they have done something in Obama’s second Presidential term. The first term was about ObamaCare which is still largely unpopular today. Now it seems as if an Obama-Iran nuclear agreement is the next ‘legacy’ of Obama’s second term.

Here we examine associated background issues of the proposed Iran nuclear agreement and attempt to explain the behavior and risks of the parties involved.

[1] Pres. Obama & Dems Upset at Israel Speech?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was INVITED to come speak before Congress on March 3, 2015. The speech addressed Israel’s concern over Iran’s nuclear ambition and Israel’s national security. Obama and many fellow Democrats were very upset at the Israel Prime Minster even before he spoke.

President Obama and his Senior advisor Valerie Jarrett were reportedly both too busy with Let girls learn initiative so they could not attend Israel’s address before Congress. Vice President Biden also decided not to show up at the speech made before Congress. Some 30 other Congressional Democrats decided not to show at Israel’s address before Congress in protest against PM Netanyahu’s speech.

On the eve of Netanyahu’s speech, Pres. Obama managed to set aside the ‘Let girls learn’ initiative, and provided an interview with Reuters to smear the Israeli PM.

This is the full speech by Israeli PM Netanyahu that was so ‘offensive’ to Obama and many Democrats:

Speech: Text version (view on the web) (PDF version)

Israel’s primary concern is to insure Iran does not develop nuclear weapons. Iran previously threatened to ‘wipe Israel off the map’.

[2] Obama ‘Former’ Campaign Staffers Interfering with Israel’s Election?

On or about December 16, 2014, Sec. of State John Kerry said that no one should interfere in Israeli’s coming elections that involve the Prime Minister.

In January 2015, this memo uncovered that some of Obama’s ‘former’ campaign staff were actively working to insure the PM of Israel’s defeat by campaigning for his political opponent.

In February 2015, it was reported that the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel met with a U.S. group trying to influence Israel’s coming election.

The plan to interfere in Israel’s 2015 election failed. The people of Israel re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

[3] Obama Admin. Now Upset Over a Letter?

Pres. Obama and many like-minded Dems were upset when forty-seven Republicans released an open letter to Iran. The letter basically educates Iran about U.S. Constitutional law and authority. This letter was not secret, and it was not sent via official cable to Iran. It was published on-line so anyone could read it.

What is more disconcerting is both Iran and the Obama Administration both agree that neither of them seem to like Republicans or Israel. Iran called the GOP letter a ‘propaganda ploy.’ Obama and Dems charge Republicans as ‘undermining the president’s authority.’ Political Left bloggers and many in social media posted their own propaganda, calling Republicans who signed the open letter to Iran as “47 Traitors.”

That is quite humorous given the fact that Obama has circumvented not only Congress but the US. Constitution repeatedly (For example, sources: Cato Institute (2011), Forbes (2013), Texas Tribune (2014), NetAdvisor.org reports (2014) and (2015).

By definition, a traitor is “a person who is not loyal to his or her own country, friends, etc.: a person who betrays a country or group of people by helping or supporting an enemy.”

Speaking out especially by elected officials, does not meet the definition of being a “traitor.” This is called exercising one’s First Amendment Right afforded by the U.S. Constitution.

In reality, the Obama Admin. is the one actually negotiating with an active terrorist government – Iran.

2015-03-13 obama upset at (R) letter to Iran

[4] Obama Chastises Republicans Anyway

The HBO subscription cable-TV show Vice News held an interview (below) with Pres. Obama who discussed in part the Republican letter.

“I‘m embarrassed for them (Republicans), they address a letter to the Ayatollah…Republicans claim Iran is our mortal enemy and their (Republican) basic argument is, don’t deal with our President…

— Said Barack Obama on HBO’s Vice News

Actually the letter was noted to ‘all Iranian Islamic leaders’ and advised Iran about Congress’ Constitutional authority. The letter did not say anything about ‘don’t deal’ with Pres. Obama.

Then the interviewer in the above video jumps to, “if you legalize marijuana (Mr. President) it would be the biggest part of your legacy. So what are your thoughts on that?”

What is concerning here is that Republican leaders feel that Iran is our ‘mortal enemy,’ and President Obama apparently disagrees. Yet when it comes to Iran, Obama seems far more sympathetic to Iran than Congress, even though the government of Iran really hates the U.S., the West and Israel.

Despite the political left chastising Republicans for writing an open letter to Iran, there was no backlash from liberals when Obama and Iran exchanged secret letters.

[5] Obama-Iran Pen Pals?

Obama sent a ‘secret letter‘ to the Iranian government. The letter reportedly discussed Obama’s support of Iran fighting ISIS (in Iraq)(bad idea). The Obama letter also talked about continued U.S.-Iran nuclear discussion.

Iran’s Ayatollah then sent a ‘secret letter‘ in apparent reply to Pres. Obama discussion in part Iran’s noncommittal nuclear talks.

[6] Iran Seeking Dominance in the Middle-East

The problem with Iran operating military-backed forces including against ISIS in Iraq is Iran may decide to occupy the Shiite Islam part of Iraq that borders Iran.

It would seem to suggest that Iran’s behavior demonstrates its desire to expand its religious-driven military power in the Middle-East. How do we know this? Iran is fighting ISIS Sunni’s in Iraq. Outside of Iraq, Iran is backing forces (proxy wars) against Israel in Lebanon via terrorist orgs Hamas and Hezbollah.

Iran is also backing the Alawite (Shia Islam) government in Syria. Iran is backing the Shia Houthis ‘rebels’ in Yemen who overthrew the Yemeni government on or about early February 2015. Politico called the Yemen rebels a ‘regrouping’ of Al Qaeda.

Once Iran has fair control over this region we would speculate that Iran will use their Shiite Islam proxies to wage attacks in Saudi Arabia, which is mostly Sunni Islam.

Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Islam countries have been privately funding Sunni Islam rebels in Syria for years. In 2007, Sunni Jihad groups began to fight against Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In September 2014, BBC news said that 88 people opposing Saudi Arabia’s Sunni government were arrested for plotting attacks within and outside of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is now launching airstrikes in Yemen against the Iran-backed Houthis rebels. Iran has demanded that the Saudi’s stop their attacks in Yemen, (probably because the Saudi’s are interfering with Iran trying to gain control of Yemen).

In January 2015, the Saudi’s planned to build a 600-mile border fence to keep ISIS out of their country. Now that fence might also be to keep Iran out of Saudi Arabia too.

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) follows literal interpretation of Orthodox Sunni Islam, controls much of the North and East Iraq boarding Syria. The whole debate here is over ancient Islamic religious differences between the Sunnis and Shiites. {Religiousfacts.com: Compare Sunni and Shia Islam, Wiki page, Our Report, please see point [12]}.

Like ISIS, Iran’s government doesn’t like Jews or Christians (let alone the West) either. But Iran is not mass-slaughtering those who don’t follow Iran’s dominate Islamic Shia religion.

In the first six months of 2014, ISIS killed some 5,500 civilians in Iraq, on top of the 7,800 killed in 2013. ISIS and their affiliate organizations believe anyone who does not follow their religious view (Orthodox Sunni Islam) must die. This includes Muslims who follow Shia Islam, Christian, Jews, and everyone else. ISIS declared a “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria which by ISIS’ own admission makes this a religious war by definition.

  • Muslim Brotherhood Cleric Calls for Sunni Jihad in Syria (Telegraph.UK, 2013, PDF)
  • The Shiite Jihad in Syria and Its Regional Effects (Washington Institute, 2015, PDF)

[7] Iran: Not an Ally of the U.S.

What the Obama Administration is desperately trying NOT to acknowledge is that the government of Iran is not an ally of the United States. In fact, Iran’s government is an instigator behind three decades of terrorism and part responsible for the current instability in the Middle-East.

The Obama Administration either secretly supports Iran’s goals, is in complete denial of Iran’s war aggression, or is completely delusional of the religious-war (caliphate) that is and has been rapidly expanding in the Middle-East under Obama’s tenure.

To further help understand the type of government the Obama Admin. is working with, here is brief timeline about Iran.

[8] Timeline: 15 Facts About Iran

  1. Iran held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days under the Carter Administration. (1979-81)
  2. Iran has said that Israel should be “wiped out from the map.” (2005)
  3. FMR Pres. Bush said Iran threatens world security. (Jan 2008)
  4. Iran proving weapons to Taliban to fight U.S. & British forces in Afghanistan. (Sept. 2008)
  5. Iran most active terror supporters in the world. (May 2009)
  6. Iran claims nuclear ambition is ‘peaceful.’ (Oct. 2009)
  7. Report: Iran funding Yemen Houthis rebels. (Nov. 2009)
  8. Iran has threatened war with the U.S. if Iran’s nuclear facilities are attacked. (2010)
  9. Iranian airline involved in multiple U.S. Terror Plots. (official)(2011)
  10. Iran has threatened to attack the U.S. Navy. (Jan. 2012)
  11. DOD Unclassified: Iran’s 30 years of terrorism and terror support. (Apr. 2012)
  12. Iran threatened attacks on America and on Pres. Obama’s family. (2013)
  13. Iran is currently holding four Americans hostage. (2014)
  14. Iran targets Israel’s PM’s children for assassination. (2015)
  15. Iran still listed as State Sponsor of Terrorism by U.S. Dept of State. (1984 to date)

There seems to be a major disconnect from the previous Bush Administration who said Iran is a threat to world security, and the Obama Administration who wants to negotiate with Iran while Iran holds Americans hostage, expands its terror network around the Middle-East and chants ‘Death to America.’ (CNN Video below).

Iran actually has a Death to America Day celebrating when in 1979, Islamic students took fifty-two Americans hostages for 444 days.


[9] U.S. Hostages in Iran

We hear very little about new U.S. citizen hostages that are currently being held in Iran:

  1. Robert Levinson, (Captive: Mar. 9, 2007).
  2. Amir Hekmati, U.S. Marine Sargent (Captive: Aug 2011)
  3. Saeed Abedini, Christian pastor (Captive: Sept. 26, 2012).
  4. Jason Rezaian, Washington Post news correspondent (Captive: July 22, 2014).

USMC Sgt. Hekmati was sentenced to death in Iran. That trial was overturned and a new trial has been pending, but no date set. Sgt. Hekmati like the others are apparently being held in Iranian prison(s) or Iranian government control. Robert Levinson is the longest held captive in U.S. history. Saeed Abedini converted to Christianity and is a Pastor. Jason Rezaian is a journalist for the Washington Post. All captured persons are U.S. citizens.

The Obama Admin is likely to not bother seeking the release of any U.S. hostage in Iran and has indicated that any negotiations for their release is separate from any nuclear agreement.

[10] Obama Admin Iran Nuke Talks: Negotiation Errors

The first error the Obama and any other Administration will make when dealing with Iran is they assume Iran’s government can be negotiated with through diplomacy. That the leaders of Iran are scholar academics, that listen to ideas and concerns of others who do not follow Iran’s religion (thus called Infidels).

Yet, the Obama Admin. suffers from a group-think belief that all people can be reasoned with logically and rationally, regardless of decades of murder, terrorist actions, and expanding their military power in neighboring countries.

The government of Iran is based on a theocracy, specifically an Islamic theocracy which follows Islamic Shia (religious) law. All of Iran’s decisions will be filtered through their religious ideology. The leaders are effectively married to their religion just like the Pope is ‘married’ (if you will) to Catholicism. Changing those belief structures is just not going to happen.

Iran has a repressive government, cares little about its people and more about its religious dominance in the world. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani put it this way:


This is a guy who no matter what kind of “agreement” one will try and achieve will not deter the ultimate will of the Iranian government.

Despite sanctions, Iran has continued to expand its nuclear program while Pres. Obama has been in office. In November 24, 2014, Iran signed an interim agreement in Geneva. The ‘agreement’ basically says Iran will temporarily slow down (not stop) their nuclear programs, and the U.S. will unfreeze money and assets back to Iran. Obama said that this deal limits Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons.

Iran’s Foreign Minister said that Iran has “inalienable nuclear rights,” and Iran would not be deterred by any actions to force them to stop their nuclear programs. The 2014 Geneva agreement with Iran does not prevent Iran from developing nuclear capabilities.

“A deal that allows Iran to enrich any uranium and to keep in place a nuclear infrastructure is a bad deal…As long as Iran maintains the capability to enrich uranium, it can create a nuclear weapon.”

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R)-Florida (Nov. 2014 PDF)

[11] Opposition Leaders See Obama as Weak – and Desperate

The Obama Admin. seems so desperate for a second-term Presidential legacy that they seem willing to do anything to get some new deal with Iran. This is where the administration has lost its negotiating power. China, Iran, Russia, (and really the rest of the world) sees President Obama as weak – and desperate.

“Obama is the weakest of U.S. presidents, he had humiliating defeats in the region…”

— Ali Younesi, Senior Adviser to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Source: NewsMax, Oct. 23, 2014

[12] U.S. Sanctions Were Working in Iran

Some have falsely argued that the only two choices in the Iran-nuclear deal is either sign a deal or go to war. The U.S. can’t take any options off the table. As soon as one removes strategic options off the negotiation table one is losing the negotiation. What the U.S. and the Obama Admin. can do and starting doing right, was placing strong financial sanctions on Iran.

In 2012, Iran’s economy was in “virtual collapse.” By October 2012, the people in Iran began rioting against the Iranian government whose currency lost 40 percent of its value in a week.

Iran's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fell (deep recession) in June 2012 to Jan 2014) the worst since forth quarter 1979 when GDP fell -12.54 percent. The Iranian economy is still having issues but has improved in terms of GDP with the release of some U.S. sanctions.

Iran’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fell (deep recession) in June 2012 to Jan 2014) the worst since fourth quarter 1979 when GDP fell -12.54 percent. The Iranian economy is still having issues but has improved in terms of GDP with the release of some U.S. sanctions.

By 2013, Iran’s currency hit an all-time low. U.S. sanctions against Iran was reported to be the cause.

“The (Iran currency) devaluation comes with Iran facing a growing shortage of foreign cash because of international sanctions against its central bank and vital oil sector over its disputed nuclear program.”

— Source: News.com.AU (view website or PDF)

Iran has maintained a high unemployment rate. From Dec. 2001 to Jan. 2015 has ranged from about 10 to 14 percent unemployment rate based on the Bank of Iran's own admissions.

Iran has maintained a high unemployment rate. From Dec. 2001 to Jan. 2015 has ranged from about 10 to 14 percent unemployment rate based on the Bank of Iran’s own admissions.

By March 2015, Iran’s unemployment is up 20 percent, with an inflation rate at about 25 percent. Thus economic sanctions against Iran were actually working until the Obama Admin self-sabotaged their negotiation position and decided to give in to Iran, release billions of dollars back to the Iranian government.

[13] Obama Admin: More Bad Negotiating

The Obama Administration’s idea of negotiating is giving in first and then hoping the other side will do what they want.

In 2014, the Obama Administration released $450 Million then another $1 Billion to Iran which was previously held sanction funds against Iran for their nuclear ambitions. The apparent thinking was if we give Iran frozen assets, then they will decide to stop their nuclear program?

The U.S. then planned to release another $2.8 Billion to Iran. Iran proceeded with their program anyway. The Obama Admin. just helped Iran finance their nuclear program by releasing billions in funds back to Iran.

[14] Iran Appeases Obama Admin, Takes Billions While Pushing Anti-US Rhetoric

During these US-Iran “negotiations,” Iran hangs an effigy of Pres. Obama. Iran’s military then destroyed a mock U.S. aircraft carrier in a war-game type of display of force.

[15] How to Negotiate with Iran in 3 Steps

If one is going to negotiate with a state sponsor of terrorism and your goal is to prevent them from developing or obtain nuclear capability, we’ll your decades behind that negotiating strategy. Iran already has multiple nuclear power plants, underground in fortified areas. At this point, here is where you start.

  • Demand immediate and unconditional release of the four American hostages. Do not continue negotiations until step one is done. Set a time frame, say 14 days. In the event of delay or problems (excuses), begin progressively increasing sanctions every day after 14 days of a failed release of the hostages.
  • Iran gets nothing until they handed (and verified) all of the current nuclear centrifuges to ______ (pick country – not Russia, maybe China).
  • Take the number of working reactors Iran has and divide them by the sanctioned dollars held against Iran. After each reactor is verified to be dismantled, Iran gets pro-rata funds held in sanctions back. Set a time limit for this accomplishment. Sanctions increase daily again after 14 days for failure to comply. Any failure to comply, added sanctions are not removed upon compliance. Recalculate the number of working reactors and divide by the new total of sanctions for potential release.

These three demands are obviously too simple for the Obama government to understand or consider. Obama has said since 2009 that he does not want Iran to obtain a nuclear weapons. The question is, how far is Obama willing to go to make his claim truthful?

The sanctions worked before and they can work again. The Obama Admin. has to stop appeasing Iran, or allow Iran to drag their feet for years with no penalty as they move closer to their nuclear goals.

[16] Not All Dems Are Singing the Obama Tune on Iran

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said in March 2015 that any deal with Iran must have “tough inspection regime, because I don’t trust these Iranians.”


[17] The U.S. Senate Must Ratify Any Iran Treaty to be Valid by Law

Obama might try and bypass Congress and take the proposed Iran nuclear deal to the United Nations (UN) for enforcement. The only problem with that is the UN does not have ANY authority over the United States Constitution. Under Article VI, the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land (Supremacy Clause).

Nowhere does the U.S. Constitution permit the UN or any foreign body to create an enactment, law, or treaty where the US must be obligated to it. Only the U.S. Congress can jointly write and pass laws and then only in effect when executed by a sitting President.

“All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

— Article I, Section 1, United States Constitution (Source: Cornell University Law School)

So Obama can’t legally bypass Congress, go to the UN or anywhere else, and have some foreign body enforce a treaty or other agreement with Iran. This is what the letter from 47 Republicans was all about. The GOP letter wasn’t treason, it was simply to provide the government of Iran of how our Constitutional legal system works.

Obama can get a treaty with Iran or any other country, but it must be ratified by the U.S. Senate to be valid under U.S. law.

“The President shall…have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate…”

— Article II, Section 2, United States Constitution (Source: Cornell University Law School)

During the time Obama finishes his last two years as President, any treaty (Executive Agreement) not ratified by a 2/3rds majority of the U.S. Senate is thus an unenforceable agreement.

According to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), any treaty between two nations are really just agreements between two parties (or nations), and the ICJ cannot enforce agreements between two countries.

Decisions of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) interpreting treaties, however, have “no binding force except between the parties and in respect of that particular case.”

Sanchez-Llamas v. Oregon, 548 U.S. at 354, quoting Statute of the International Court of Justice, Art. 59, 59 Stat. 1062, T.S. No. 933 (1945). (Source: Onecle).

So any treaty signed without ratification of the U.S. Senate is thus not recognized by the People of the United States. Any treaty between two nations is only as good as both parties choose to partake in it. There is no court of law that can punish a country for failing to uphold a treaty between nations.

[18] How Iran Can Breach Obama’s Nuke Agreement

So Iran could sign an executive agreement with the Obama Administration and promise them unicorns and fairy dust (no weaponized nukes). Pres. Obama and the Secretary of State Kerry can all sing Kum ba yah around the campfire, and say ‘we got the best agreement we could get from Iran.’

Then Iran can later say, ‘we’ll, the U.S. Senate never ratified the agreement, so we don’t have to honor it either and the International Court of Justice can’t enforce the agreement anyway.

[19] Iran Continues Nuclear Enrichment Despite ‘Historic‘ Agreement

The U.S. is attempting to negotiate a semi-permanent (10-year) agreement with Iran hoping to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons during this period. Well, when “hope” is the result of a negotiation strategy, one has lost.

Iran reportedly has some 10,000 centrifuges – that’s 2,000 more since the 2014 agreement that was supposed to ‘slow’ Iran’s nuclear ambition.

According to this report, in order to make a nuclear power or a WMD, one needs Uranium-235 (U-235) to be enriched “and centrifuges are a central part of the process.” So it appears Iran has enriched a significant number of centrifuges to develop their nuclear capability.

Iran is claiming that it needs centrifuges not for nuclear weapons, not for domestic energy, but for ‘medical research.’ Iran isn’t interested in medical research. Iran seeks to be a central power in the Middle-east, and gaining nuclear weapons would help them achieve that goal.

Iran has covered up much of their program, prevented inspection into their facilities, and built their nuclear program in multiple sites deep underground in bomb-blast fortified structure. So yea, this is common practice for ‘medical research?’

A 2012 report published by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) said in part that Iran has an open uranium mine that in insufficient to produce nuclear power, however the mine is sufficient to produce 250-300 nuclear weapons.

“Iran has a uranium mill and an open-pit uranium mine located at a site called Bandar Abbas, which is also sometimes referred to as Gchine…Iranian officials acknowledge that the country’s uranium deposits are insufficient for its planned nuclear power program. These reserves are sufficient, however, to produce 250-300 nuclear weapons, according to a past U.S. estimate.”

— Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report (2012), PDF P24

This supports the argument that Iran isn’t seeking nuclear power for any purpose other than for military use. The CRS report also said that the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) determined in 2007 that, “Iran has the scientific, technical and industrial capacity eventually to produce nuclear weapons if it decides to do so” (CRS, P27).

One can conclude from the CRS report that as of 2012, and believed to date, Iran probably does not have nuclear weapons capability yet. However, Iran does appear to have the technology, means, and capability to achieve that goal if they wish. Based on the concerns raised, and based on our prior five reports on Iran (located here and here), one can conclude that Iran will do everything they can to develop nuclear weapons.

Iran is leaning to consider reducing its centrifuges from currently 10,000 to around 6,000. This by all admission does not stop Iran from their ability to obtain a nuclear device, it only ‘slows‘ that route. How slow? Well no one will answer that.

The proposed Obama deal with Iran would have a Sunset Clause, that would allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons (legally, without any further restraints) after 10 years. All of this assumes Iran sticks to any agreement and allows independent nuclear inspectors.

Iran has already said (PDF) it would not permit any spontaneous inspections of any nuclear facilities. Thus Iran is really saying they need time to move and hide their nuclear weapons technology when any inspectors plan to see if they are following any Obama-Iran agreement.

Pres. Obama has encouraged opponents not to “screw up” Obama’s nuclear-Iran deal.  The screw up is the Obama Administration apparently enticing Iran with a ‘$50 Billion signing bonus.’ The purpose is in attempt to get Iran to sign anything that makes Obama appear like he has achieved some false sense of domestic or international security.

While Obama fantasies about Iran having less nukes instead of no nukes, Russia is sabotaging that effort by planning to built a new nuclear reactor in Iran later this year.

“Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation made the announcement early on Monday, stating that it will begin building a second nuclear power plant in Iran’s southern region later this year, according to Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency.”

— Source: Washington Free Beacon, June 1, 2015

It seems obvious that the actions by Russia and Iran are not taking President Obama or anyone in the Administration serious.

[20] Iran Sponsored Terrorism Highest in 20 Years – U.S. State Dept.

The result of having nukes will make Iran a major power in the Middle-East, as they are already. In 2012 Iran’s expansion of terrorism was the highest it has ever been in 20 years.

So Iran is financing and expanding terrorism and control in the Middle-East (Iraq, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen for example). Iran is holding U.S. citizens hostage. Russia is helping Iran to expand its nuclear capability while Obama is ready to wave the white flag, hand Iran billions of more dollars. The Obama Administration fantasizes that Iran will produce fewer (not get rid of) nukes?

It would not be unreasonable to think that Iran would use their multiple terror networks such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Houthi rebels or others to detonate a nuclear device in one or more of their enemy countries.


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