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75 Republicans Surrender to Dems Over Obama’s Immigration Action

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75 Republicans Surrender to Dems Over Obama’s Immigration Action

original article written by Net Advisor

WASHINGTON DC. Republicans won a majority in the U.S. Senate and kept control of the U.S. House of Representatives gaining 13 new seats from the 2014 Midterm Elections.

[1] After Winning the Election, Republicans Surrender

The first thing Republicans did with their new power is give it back to Democrats. Seventy-five (75) Republicans surrendered to a minority of Democrats, bypassing a voter mandate and a Republican promise to stop Obama’s illegal amnesty.

What the public was told less than TWO months ago was this:

“House Speaker John Boehner (R. – Ohio) vowed today to fight “tooth and nail” against President Obama’s unilateral amnesty…”

— Source: CNS News. Additional Sources: BBC News, Breitbart, IBT, National Review, USA Today, Washington Post

The result of this rhetoric was more like Speaker Boehner fighting a small paper bag with a bird feather.

[2] Polls Show Americans Against Amnesty Since At Least 1965.

Gallup collected immigration polls dating back to 1965. The following chart shows that in the best year for pro-amnesty supporters from 1965 to 2001 only 14 percent of Americans felt we should increase immigration levels.

Present level



No opinion





2001 Jun 11-17





2001 Mar 26-28





2000 Sep 11-13





1999 Feb 26-28





1995 Jul 7-9





1995 Jun 5-6





1993 Jul 9-11





1986 Jun 19-23





1977 Mar 25-28





1965 Jun 24-29





Chart above: Gallup, Sept. 6, 2001 (view website or PDF)

Now let’s take a look at America’s concerns in a 2014 poll by Gallup. The chart below shows that the number one issue for Americans by July 2014 was about illegal immigration.

2014-01-00 gallup - voter poll

[3] POLL: 62% Americans Against Obama’s Amnesty

By Aug 30, 2014 a Rasmussen poll found 62 percent of Americans said they opposed Obama’s amnesty, 26 percent supported and 12 percent undecided. The poll also found that 67 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. border needs to be secured first before any amnesty talk occurs. Here is a collection of voter polls from numerous sources that seem to be in alignment with America’s concern about the surge in illegal immigration (view website or PDF).

So apparently it does not matter what the public says or wants to be done in government, because their representatives seem to do what they want to fit some agenda that is not in alignment with the American voters. This begs the question, what were the Mid-term elections all about if it was not to stop Obama’s lawlessness?

[4] Congress Defies the Will of the Voters: Passes Amnesty

House Republicans passed legislation for a “Clean” Department of Homeland Security (DHS) bill. The so called “Clean DHS Bill” removes any Congressional effort to stop Obama’s amnesty. In fact, we argue that Republicans just ENDORSED Obama’s amnesty, making it legal.

According to a report by The Blaze (PDF), here are the 75 Republicans who voted for the “Clean DHS Bill” effectively supporting ALL of Obama’s amnesty orders.

List of Republicans Supporting Obama’s Amnesty (FY 2015 Full DHS Funding)

  1. Benishek
  2. Bishop (Mich.)
  3. Boehner (Ohio)
  4. Bost
  5. Brooks (Ind.)
  6. Buchanan
  7. Calvert
  8. Carter (Texas)
  9. Coffman
  10. Cole
  11. Collins (N.Y.)
  12. Comstock
  13. Costello (Pa.)
  14. Curbelo (Fla.)
  15. Davis, Rodney
  16. Denham
  17. Dent
  18. Diaz-Balart
  19. Dold
  20. Ellmers (N.C.)
  21. Emmer (Minn.)
  22. Fitzpatrick
  23. Frelinghuysen
  24. Gibson
  25. Granger
  26. Guinta
  27. Hanna
  28. Hardy
  29. Heck (Nev.)
  30. Hurd (Texas)
  31. Jolly
  32. Katko
  33. King (N.Y.)
  34. Kinzinger (Ill.)
  35. Kline
  36. Knight
  37. Lance
  38. LoBiondo
  39. MacArthur
  40. McCarthy
  41. McCaul
  42. McHenry
  43. McMorris Rogers
  44. McSally
  45. Meehan
  46. Miller (Mich.)
  47. Moolenaar
  48. Murphy (Pa.)
  49. Noem
  50. Nunes
  51. Paulsen
  52. Pittenger
  53. Pitts
  54. Poliquin
  55. Reichert
  56. Rogers (KY.)
  57. Ros-Lehtinen
  58. Royce
  59. Ryan (Wis.)
  60. Scalise
  61. Schock
  62. Shimkus
  63. Simpson
  64. Smith (N.J.)
  65. Stefanik
  66. Stivers
  67. Thompson (Penn.)
  68. Tiberi
  69. Trott
  70. Turner
  71. Upton
  72. Valadao
  73. Walden
  74. Walters, Mimi
  75. Young (Ind.)

[5] Tell Congress Your Thoughts.

Locate your congressional representatives:

U.S. Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121.

Ask for your Congressional Representative.

Find who is your House member by name, your state, or by your zip code.

Find your U.S. Senator by state or contact here.

Next we discuss how Dems seem to win their point whether in the majority or the minority in government.

[6] Dems Whine Until Republicans Give In

Senate Democrats filibustered the original DHS bill passed by the House that blocked funding for Obama’s Amnesty policies. The political campaign then took place in the media where Republicans would somehow get the blame for shutting down non-essential services of DHS, even though it was Democrats in the Senate who had been blocking the entire progress of the DHS funding bill.

Democrats have learned over the last few years that all you have to do is run to the left media and blame Republicans about them shutting something down in government and Republicans will cave in to their demands every time.

The facts are that the people who have been blocking government progress is the Democrat party. Reports:

The people who give in to the whiny Dems have been Republicans. Thus, Republicans are just as guilty to supporting (enabling) Obama’s policies as the Democrats who whine, chastise and blame, until they get their way. Here are a few trivial but nonetheless, whining issues.

[7] Republicans Need to Learn Child Psychology When Working with Dems

This is a lot like adults (Republicans for the most part) acting like a parent who have not learned how to manage a child’s whiny behavior (the Politically Left Dems for the most part). So what Republicans seem to do is give the child what they want (their political candy – demands) in order to get the child to stop the whiny behavior.

What Republicans fail to realize is the child (Dems) have learned that all they have to do is repeat the same whiny behavior over and over and they will eventually get what they want. This is EXACTLY what happened here and this has gone on for years. Republicans technically have the largest majority in the House since 1931 and they still give in to Democrats demands.

Third-Party Reports on Dealing with Whiny Children (or adults who act the same way)

The above links are Psych 101 for dealing with whiners, and they have not been fully evaluated. One article we checked was garbage (had no clue what they were talking about) so that link was not included.

In short Republicans need to understand this:

(1) You must ALWAYS be consistent. Do as you say.

(2) If you set up consequence behavior (ie: gov shutdown), and the object of the problem (Dems) fail to adhere to the adult’s greater common senses (you have a majority in gov), then the consequences (ie: gov shutdown) must be FULLY EXECUTED.

(3) Sure, the consequence (ie: gov shutdown) might be painful (certain liberal media, ie: friends of the child) blame you even if it is not your fault). But the consequence is ALWAYS more painful for the problem child (Dems), than it will be for you – UNLESS you give in first.

(4) A general rule of negotiation is, once you have made your proposal to the contra party, shut up. The next person who speaks usually loses the negotiation (ie: Republicans: See everything you have tried to do from Jan 2011 to date. Also see Obama-Kerry’s negotiation with Iran, and pretty much every foreign policy decision since 2009 to date).

(5) What you need to do is go sit down, relax, and tell the child (Dems) when they are ready to grow up, you are here to support them. Sure the child (Dems) will get pissy and that is their next defense tactic to get you to change your behavior – so don’t fall for it!

(6) If you panic (allow the undesired behavior to go unchecked), you lose.

(7) If you give in to the undesired behavior, you lose, and reinforce the undesired behavior to continue (ie: Reps: See everything you have tried to do from Jan 2011 to date).

Maybe in a future article (or ask) I’ll give you strategies on how to deal with the, ‘Obama will veto and the government will shut down.’ Real quick. In this example, WHO did the veto? WHO then shutdown gov? And after all the foot stomping in front of the TV camera’s are done, go back and follow the 7 steps above.

Let’s now take a quick look how weakness invites aggression.

[8] Weakness Invites Aggression

The problem is Republicans have weak leadership who continually back House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and new Senate Whip Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky). Boehner also promised to repeal Obamacare (secondary source).

“Our economy continues to struggle, and the president’s health care law is making things worse — raising health costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire workers.

The only way to change this is by repealing ObamaCare in its entirety.

We voted to fully repeal the president’s health care law as one of our first acts as a new House majority, and our plan remains to repeal the law in its entirety. Anything short of that is unacceptable.

— House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said on May 17, 2012 (Source: Boehner website or view local PDF)

After telling the American public how bad Obamacare is, and how Republicans are going to repeal it, Boener’s Republican-led House then fully funded Obamacare THREE-TIMES in 2012, 2013, and 2014 which covers funding until Sept. 2015.

Both liberal and conservatives have discussed the idea that weakness invites aggression. The question is, who has learned that weakness invites aggression and who has not?

Boener’s four years of surrendering on every single Obama order questions what side is he really on? With the House passing the “Clean DHS Bill” fully funds ALL of Obama’s amnesty programs.

President Obama has been systematically dismantling the U.S. immigration system, then tries to deceive the American public that somehow our immigration system is “broken.” Obama initiated this amnesty program on his own, without Constitutional authority, bypassing a voter mandate, and bypassing Congress.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R- Ala.) tweeted on February 17, 2015 that Congress cannot fund an action while dissolves its own powers.

We’ll, it looks like Republicans have surrendered – again, and America has lost. Think it’s time for new leadership and someone who upholds America’s Constitutional values, and knows how to deal with difficult (adult) children.


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