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Obama Admin. Soliciting 100,000 Haitians in Amnesty-Style Program

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Photo: Undocumented migrants (U.S. law: illegal aliens)  found off the Florida Coast in 2013. Image Credit WPTV News, Florida.

Photo: Undocumented migrants (U.S. law: illegal aliens) found off the Florida Coast in 2013. Image Credit WPTV News, Florida.

Obama Admin. Soliciting 100,000 Haitians in Amnesty-Style Program

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WASHINGTON DC. We have all heard about the INTENTIONAL lack of proper security on the U.S. borders. The Obama Administration has been SOLICITING minors to come to the U.S., and granting amnesty to at least 800,000 so far.

According to a U.S. Federal Judge, the Obama Admin (DHS) is illegally aiding in the trafficking of minors. Now the Obama Administration is launching a new amnesty-style program for those who can’t easily get to the U.S. by foot or train.

For whatever reason, President Obama has chosen the island nation of Haiti to allow 100,000 Haitians to come to the USA without a Visa. This represents about one percent of the entire population of Haiti (P12, Demographics).

In 2015, the Obama Administration will be SOLICITING U.S. Haitian citizens and those with permanent residency who claim, ‘oh yea, I have family in Haiti’; and the entire family could be eligible to come to the USA, and be granted work permits.

These people will not be visiting family; they will be staying – permanently. Effectively, President Obama is soliciting for those in the USA who want to consider someone as “family,” in this case from Haiti to become permanent residences in the USA.

Haiti Facts

  • The average person is Haiti earns about $1,242 a year (P2, highlight).
  • Haiti has a high-uneducated population with a high unemployment rate where reportedly about 66 percent (2/3rds) don’t have formal jobs (P17 highlight).
  • Haiti ranked amongst the most corrupt nations in the world, including their government (P16, highlight).

Are these the “best and brightest” of Obama’s “immigration reform”, he was talking about?

No offense to the great law-abiding and good people of Haiti, but the Obama Administration can’t even build a website, solve our own jobs problem, fiscally manage our own national debt, control costs on anything, including healthcare.

The probability of these new Haitian’s success in America with little to no skills, no formal education, and who don’t read or write in English is not very promising. In contrast, bringing in say skilled engineers from other countries with advanced degree(s), and who are mufti-lingual probably have an excellent chance at success in the USA. This assumes existing Americans can’t fill domestic jobs.

So caring for others by bringing them to the USA who have little to no education, are not likely to speak English is not exactly a success formula for America. The U.S. already provides some $1.5 billion to Haiti, which, all foreign aid represents about 41 percent of the total amount of money Haiti brings in each year (P17).

The probability is that these new illegal aliens will be more likely to be in poverty, highly dependent on U.S. welfare programs, which already cost U.S. taxpayers over $1 Trillion each year. The U.S. has been fighting to end poverty for the last fifty years, and the results show we have more poverty now, than fifty years ago.

Obama’s First Catch Puts Haitian People at Risk

Less than ten days of this new amnesty-style program, U.S. media reported Haitians may be already risking their lives in the open sea to come to America. The U.S. Coast Guard rescued two people and two were reported, “missing” (at sea).

Separately, one woman recently flew to the U.S. from nearby Jamaica smuggling cocaine in her, well, ‘personal space.’ We’re not sure if she is traveling on a Visa, or is a U.S. citizen, but in any case she’s is a criminal and was arrested on drug trafficking.

Can you imagine the U.S. exporting once percent of its current population, which would be 3.18 million and planned to transfer them to a foreign county? Do you think a host country subject to a sudden influx of new people who we’ll say (if all or most being uneducated, low or unskilled, and require immediate government welfare support, that the new host country would take issue with that? You betcha.


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