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Liberal Words and Phrases

January 30th, 2013
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01.30.2013 original publish date.
10.12.2013 update. new terms.
08.20.2014 update. new terms.
02.25.2015 update. new terms.


Graphic Credit: Kevin Tuma

Liberal Words and Phrases

original article written by Net Advisor

WASHINGTON DC [political humor]. Well it’s time that we come to an understanding and offer some transparency to define some of the political rhetoric in Washington. To help people be perfectly clear of what this is, we came up with a list of the more common liberal words and phrases.

Bank Holiday = Freezing depositor’s assets in a bank. This was used in the USA during the Great Depression, now being used in Europe to prevent people from taking their money out of banks before the government gets it.

Birth Certificate = Something the gets printed only when overwhelming demand is called for.

Balanced = 105% tilted toward the other party’s favor, 5% in your favor. The 5% is really a throwaway and canceled out after offsetting 105%, thus giving the balance to the other party.

Bring Those Responsible to Justice = Tough talk used after innocent Americans are killed or victimized. No action follows.

Clean Bill = Removes any language in a bill that Democrats don’t like.

Clean CR (Continuing Resolution) = Demanding legislation that only represents one side.

Common Sense Measures = Vague terminology that appeals to the speakers values, not yours.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform = Amnesty

Comprehensive Way = A broad undefined phrase to make people think libs are considering all options.

Compromise = Telling people libs are open to negotiating a position, but in the end they want you to give up your entire position for theirs.

Continuing Resolution = Puts off dealing with financial reality that you’re already broke.

Debt Ceiling = An artificial limit of how much the government can borrow; created by failing to pass a balanced budget.

Draw Down = Realizing what the British Empire and Russia had already known over the last 175 years. Wars can’t be won by ideology.

Executive Order = Making up laws that Congress would never pass through normal checks and balances.

Fast and Furious = A scheme whereby gov allowed illegal straw purchases of firearms and ammunition; then illegally allowed transport of said weapons to another country (Mexico) that outlaws them, only to provide said weapons to drug cartels, who intern used them to murder innocent citizens including American law enforcement officers. The perceived intent was to show why we need better gun control in the USA, but gov got caught playing the scheme.

Fair Share = Making a minority population bear the responsibility for the majority.

Fair and Balanced = Fair. Only benefits those not contributing.

Finding the Right Balance = Figuring out how to exclude their ideas from negotiation.

Fox News = The only TV media who doesn’t work for the Obama Administration.

Gun Control = Limiting or taking the rights away from 100 million+ law abiding citizens and ignoring all criminals and the severe mentally ill who are the sources of the problem.

Gun Control definition #2 = Punishing 100 million+ law abiding citizens for the ill deeds of a few.

Holding Those Responsible = A speech made between golf games. Nothing will be done.

Hostage (Middle-east) = Likely to be executed by terrorists. See “terrorist” definition below.

Hunt Down = See “Bring Those Responsible to Justice” definition.

Islamic Terrorism = Sorry, that doesn’t exist. — Barack.

Jobs = Haven’t got my welfare check yet.

Justice = Seeking to prosecuting someone before the facts have been heard.

Let Me be Perfectly Clear = A statement that will eventually follow contradiction.

  1. No one is going to take away your gun rights.
  2. marriage definition.
  3. no lobbyist money (except for inauguration and campaign elections).
  4. no taxes on middle class.
  5. you can keep your healthcare plan…and your doctor.

Militant(s) = Previously called “terrorists.” Word used to not offend terrorists.

Negotiation =  Something that is done between Republicans until they agree to follow a Democratic demanded position.

‘Not a Smidgin of Evidence’ = Substantial and material evidence exists but is currently being destroyed.  

Paying a Little Bit More = Multiplying your existing tax bracket by a new number. Note the word, “multiply” is more than “a little bit” more.

Phoney Scandal = Something to tell the media every-time you are being investigated for violating federal law, or covering up the deaths of people who died due to the inability to manage a crisis properly.

Never Let an Opportunity Go to Waste = Push a radical agenda when people are suffering, overly emotional, or make snap non-rational decisions.

Immigration Action = Amnesty for millions of new Democrat voters and cheap labor for establishment Republican interests.

Investigation (D) = Figuring out how to put police or Wall Street in jail.

Investigation (R) = Figuring out facts while being stonewalled by Obama’s DOJ or IRS.

Radical Extremists = Politically correct term for a terrorist or terror group.

Reaching Out = Make people think they care about your issues.

Republicans = People who sometimes get in the way of promoting socialism.

Shut Down = Continue policy as usual, but make people think that you need big government to exist. Create economic and chaos pain if the people don’t give you what you demand.

Tea Party = People who always get in the way of promoting socialism.

Terrorists  = Something that is mostly ignored by the White House.

Transparency = Any meeting held by public officials behind closed doors. No transcripts are available.

Working Together = Things that are said on camera before blocking legislation.


Image credit where noted. This list is likely to grow, along with the deficit.

Original Content Copyright © 2013-2015 Net Advisor All Rights Reserved.


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