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Are You Smarter Than a Terrorist? Part II (Iran)

November 3rd, 2012
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Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks at the United Nations General Assembly Meeting in New York (09-24-2012) (Image Credit: AP Photo/ Richard Drew).

Are You Smarter Than a Terrorist? Part II (Iran)

original article written by Net Advisor

EXCERPT: In 2009, I wrote Are You Smarter Than a Terrorist where I discussed “a nut gathering at the U.N.” that included speeches from then Libya’s Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, Iran’s Ahmadinejad, and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez. Each “leader” chanted their radical views including Qaddafi who called the UN “terrorists.”

Since that report, Qaddafi was killed in a U.S. led brief war to “liberate” Libya from Qaddafi’s repression and violent acts against its own people. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez apparently died of cancer.

Libya, like many countries in the Middle-East and (especially) North and East Africa are destabilized. Despite government denials, the U.S. maintained poor security at its Libyan and many other embassies which made it easier to target and kill four Americans on 09/11/2012 (full report).

Today, we still have Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and we can add Pakistan, all having a host of security issues. In this report Are You Smarter Than a Terrorist Part II, we focus on issues related to Iran.

UNITED NATIONS. New York. The U.S. has been in denial about Iran’s nuclear ambition. London’s David Cameron said in March 2012 that Iran is developing nuclear missiles capable of hitting London. The UN Atomic Agency has recently received intelligence reports that points to Iran’s ambition to see if they could produce a nuclear warhead.

“The U.N. atomic agency has received new and significant intelligence over the past month that Iran has moved further toward the ability to build a nuclear weapon, diplomats tell The Associated Press.

They say the intelligence shows that Iran has advanced its work on calculating the destructive power of an atomic warhead through a series of computer models that it ran sometime within the past three years.”

— Source: Fox News, 09-11-2012

[1] What is Iran Doing?

Iran has spent a lot of money supporting terrorist groups in the Middle-East including in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran has been expanding their military structure, developing better and longer range missile weapons, and now their technology is going nuclear.

Iran has ignored UN Resolutions, and its goal is to gain power in the Middle-East and support anyone who will undermine U.S. influence in the region (Source: DOD Unclassified Report PDF, April 2012, 4 pages, highlight added). Iran has chosen to wage a proxy war against the U.S. and Israel and has become a “leading sponsor” of terrorism (Source: BBC).

“Iran’s grand strategy remains challenging U.S. influence while developing its domestic capabilities to become the dominant power in the Middle East. Iran’s security strategy remains focused on deterring an attack, and it continues to support governments and groups that oppose U.S. interests.

Diplomacy, economic leverage, and active sponsorship of terrorist and insurgent groups, such as Lebanese Hizballah, Iraqi Shia groups, and the Taliban, are tools Iran uses to increase its regional power.”

— Source: U.S. Department of Defense (PDF), April 2012, page 2, highlight added

[2] Government Favors Guns for Egypt Over Air-Conditioning for U.S. Elementary Students.

The Obama Administration and prior administrations all seem to be under the impression that handing out billions of dollars in various aid including weapons, that the U.S. can dictate peace, policy, or create some ‘democracy’ in counties that basically don’t like us.

The Obama Administration has chosen to continue to provide billions of dollars in military aid to countries such as Egypt. Should arming the Middle-East really be a priority in U.S. policy? The Obama Administration chooses to give taxpayer money to buy weapons for Egypt over putting air-conditioning in U.S. elementary schools.

In fact a government report shows since 1979, most of the aid the U.S. has given to Egypt has been military aid.

“The United States has given Egypt an average of $2 billion annually since 1979, much of it military aid, according to the Congressional Research Service.”

— Source: Reuters, 01-29-2011

One might now question Obama’s touting for better public schools (link / PDF), when billions in taxpayer money is diverted to arms for Egypt? One might also question the whole notion how can Mr. Obama be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize then continue to arm other counties (Egypt, Libya), expand the war in Afghanistan (see graphic), and is planning to send 3,000 troops to Africa in 2013 [See Africa map and Point #15]?

The current and past Administrations have spent about $4 Trillion in the Middle-East (full report).

“Conservatively estimated, the war bills already paid and obligated to be paid as of June 2011 are $3.2 trillion in constant dollars. A more reasonable estimate puts the number at nearly $4 trillion.”

— Source: Costs of War.org (as of 06-2011)

[3] Cat & Mouse.

Iran’s nuclear development has been a long ongoing problem, with all the issues still on the table.

The IAEA gave Iran a deadline to prove that they were not developing a nuclear weapons program. The IAEA threatened “sanctions” if they did not comply. What most people probably don’t know is that the IAEA deadline and threat of sanctions began NINE (9) years ago – and we are still dealing with the exact same issues.

“International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei said Iran could not expect an extension of an Oct. 31 (2003) deadline to prove that it does not have a nuclear weapons program.

Iran denies U.S. charges that it is trying to make a nuclear bomb. The United Nations could impose sanctions if Iran does not provide the information the IAEA wants.”

— Source: Los Angeles Times, 10-16-2003

President Bill Clinton

[4] Clinton Administration Lived in Denial Just Like the Obama Administration.

To give readers how blind past Administrations have been on Iran, take a look at what President Bill Clinton said in 1998:

Iran is “changing in a positive way” that could lead to a reconciliation and a return to normal relations.

— President Bill Clinton, 06-19-1998 (Source: Los Angeles Times)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2009) at the UN

[5] Hillary Clinton in Denial.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in 2009, that Iran has an interest in a stable Afghanistan. Secretary Clinton was referring to the drug problem flowing over the Afgan-Iranian border.

“On the eve of a possible groundbreaking meeting between the United States and Iran, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton predicted Monday that Tehran would be propelled by self-interest to work with other world powers on stabilizing Afghanistan.”

— Source: Los Angeles Times, 03-31-2009

It is true that Iran takes high issue with drug trafficking in their country, but there are two points that the Secretary has completely missed.

  1. Afghanistan has never been stable for at least the last 174 years (report).
  2. While Iran might like to reduce drugs in their country, they are more interested in disrupting U.S. policy in Afghanistan and U.S. interests in the Middle-East.

President Barack Obama at the UN in 2009

[6] President Obama in Denial.

Did we tell you that there is massive denial about Iran? Despite that we knew that Iran has been developing their nuclear program since at least by 2003, the Obama Administration is still under some fantasy impression that Iran would suddenly be compliant with U.S. government wishes.

“There has been speculation for weeks that the Obama administration would try to press forward with its diplomatic overture to Iran at today’s international conference, which the United States proposed early this month.”

— Source: Los Angeles Times, 03-31-2009

[7] Yes, Even More Denial.

An organization in Washington DC called, United States Institute of Peace weighed in on the region’s issues. Although their ideology is noble, reality tells us Iran has no interest in doing anything that is in alignment with U.S. goals and objectives, and this includes Afghanistan.

“Iran seeks a stable Afghanistan free of the Taliban and al Qaeda, which it considers a strategic menace.

— Mohsen Milani, published by United States Institute of Peace (PDF)

The organization concedes that Iran has made “military support to anti-American forces as the Taliban.” The organization is under the impression that such action was “limited.”

The organization’s Mr. Milani apparently did not read this DOD report, and is in denial about the reality of Iran, their goals, their active financial and military support to terrorist organizations, and this is not “limited” by any stretch.

The facts are Iran is supplying weapons and aid to fight the UK and the U.S. in Afghanistan.

“(The)…Taliban insurgents fighting British and US forces are being supported by Iranian weapons – mines, mortars and plastic explosives – smuggled over the border, writes Nima Elbagir.”

— Source: Channel4.com (Video), (03-18-2010)

Even the Taliban admits that they are getting weapons from Iran to Afghanistan which are used to kill U.S. and allied forced in Afghanistan.

“A Taliban commander has credited Iranian-supplied weapons with successful operations against coalition forces in Afghanistan.”

— Source: Telegraph.UK

The U.S. government is just pretending that this isn’t happening. In fact, in 2011 Vice President Joe Biden said “the Taliban per se is not our enemy.” Since then, the Obama Administration released 3,000 suspected Taliban prisoners back to Afgan Control (report).

Wounded child carried after explosion attack near Qudssaya on 06-08-2012. Syria’s ongoing civil war is led by its own President. As of May 2012, the United Nations states that the armed forces of Syria’s President, Bashar Assad have killed some 7,500 innocent civilians. [Image Source: Anixekai.com YamCha – an international cafe (Netherlands). Original Image Location: The Atlantic (06-14-2012) Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images.]

[8] Iran Arming Syria.

Numerous reports have surfaced that Iran is also providing direct military assistance to Syria (Sources: AFP, APReuters, and Telegraph.UK).

Like Libya, the U.S. also helped “liberate” Iraq who reportedly has allowed Iranian civilian aircraft to transport troops and weapons over Iraqi airspace into Syria (Source: Reuters).

Another report suggests that Iran is helping arm President Assad’s troops “almost daily” (Source: Guardian.UK, (PDF). Syria has been in a brutal civil war for the last 18 months where Russia and China are backing Syria’s President, Bashar Assad, and the United States, Britain and France want Assad out of power (Source: Guardian.UK).

[View portfolio of images from Syria’s civil war. Caution: some images are very graphic, including battle wounds and killed persons. Source: The Atlantic PDF.]

Syria has also engaged in cross-borders attacks against Turkey who have finally said enough. On or about October 4, 2012, the Turkish government approved responsive military action against Syria. Turkey said they aren’t engaging or want to start a war, but that they want peace on their border with Syria (Source: Guardian.UK). The U.S. suspended operations in its Syrian embassy on February 6, 2012 (Source: U.S. Department of State PDF).

Iran isn’t hiding from this allegation either. Iran has vowed that Syria’s Assad would not fall from power (Source: Telegraph.UK PDF).

President Bashar al-Assad, Syrian (Image Credit: original source owner unknown. Please advise for credit).

The United Nations said that 1.5 million people in Syria need assistance from their internal war (Source: Reuters).

Assad said in his 2000 inauguration speech, “I shall try my very best to lead our country towards a future that fulfills the hopes and legitimate ambitions of our people” (Source: CNN, PDF).

Since then, over 30,000 people have been killed (PDF) in Syria as Assad’s government drops random bombs, fire rockets, and use snipers to kill protestors and unarmed citizens (Source: PBS Videos).

President Obama acknowledged in 2011 that Assad is “slaughtering his own people” and that he should step down (from power) (Source: AP/ NBC Affiliate KETK, PDF). Mr. President, if you want to remove a tyrant from power, he won’t leave because someone told him he should. Did we not learn this from World War II (Hitler), Iraq (Sadam), Libya (Qaddafi), etc?

Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Joy Behar on ABC Tv’s “The View” on 09-24-2012 (Image Credit: Allan Tannenbaum-Pool/ Getty Images).

[9] Obama Declines to Meet with Israel’s Prime Minster – Cites “Busy (TV and Fundraising) Schedule.”

Israel has concerns about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Iran’s military buildup, Iran’s supporting of terrorism in the region, and Iran’s previous statement about wiping Israel off the map.

“Ahmadinejad quoted a remark from Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of Iran’s Islamic revolution, who said that Israel “must be wiped out from the map of the world.”

Further, Iran’s president said “Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury.”

—  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Source: CNN, PDF)

Does this sound like a guy who has peaceful anything in mind? Israel? Nukes? Anything?

With these concerns still ringing, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attempted to schedule a meeting with president Obama over Iran’s nuclear threat at an upcoming United Nations meeting September 27 and 28, 2012.

The White House said the President had a busy schedule and could not meet Netanyahu, and the President would not be attending the UN meeting.

The President was busy with his re-election campaign to meet with one of our few allies in the region. Mr. Obama’s schedule included a more important appearance with talk-show host David Letterman.

TV Guide framed it this way:

“President Obama to Stop By Late Show with David Letterman.”

As if the President and his security detail just happened to be in the neighborhood, and thought to “stop by” and give Dave a friendly ‘hello’ – on camera.

After U.S. Embassies were attacked and four Americans killed, the Obama Administration went on to campaign in Las Vegas. The Washington Post called this, “Obama Campaigns in Vegas after ‘tough day'” (PDF). Obama’s also made an appearance to discuss foreign policy on a day-time talk show, The View. (Sources: Fox News and Los Angeles Times).

“As Obama headed to New York for the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, the president has no meetings with other leaders scheduled during his day and a half in New York.

The low-intensity approach to the gathering was only underlined by the sitdown the president did make time for – an interview with the women of ABC’s daytime talk fest “The View.””

— Source: Los Angeles Times, 09-24-2012

Only after public controversy as Obama wants to court the Jewish vote right before an election, Mr. Obama apparently made a phone call to Mr. Netanyahu. The Israeli Prime Minster was apparently not happy with Obama’s non-committal stance on Iran. Mr. Netanyahu wanted Obama to draw a line in the sand with Iran, which Obama apparently refused.

In a response to a media question about the United States placing a red line in the sand before Iran, the response went link this:

 “..it is not fruitful as part of this process to engage in that kind of specificity.”

— Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, said 09-10-2012 (PDF Full Transcript – highlight added)

It’s not “fruitful?” Basically the White House insists that it thinks sanctions will work against Iran and that will get them to stop their nuclear program. Nine years later, Iran is closer to nuclear technology, not further way.

“Flame” computer virus briefly hit Iran’s oil industry but was defeated with data recovered (CBS News). Image Credit: AFP/ Getty

[10] Music With Your Fruit.

Despite ongoing denials that there really has been a Proxy War going on between Israel, the U.S. and Iran, the latest attack on Iran’s nuclear program was hit by another computer virus.

“Iran’s nuclear facilities have suffered a cyber attack that shut down computers and played music from the rock band AC/DC…A new worm targeted Iran’s nuclear program, closing down the “automation network” at the Natanz and Fordo facilities.”

— Source: Bloomberg, 08-14-2012 (PDF)

Last May, another computer virus called, “Flame” was found to be spying on Iranian computers for years.

EMP Area of effect over the USA based on various attack calculations. Credit: Young Research & Publishing, Inc. Source: RichardCYoung.com

[11] Iran Contemplating EMP Attack on U.S.?

Under Public Law 106-398, Title XIV, a 2004 U.S. commission wrote a report on the threat of an EMP attack on the USA (Report: PDF 62pps).

Another report in 2005 suggested that Iran had or is contemplating an eventual EMP strike against the U.S. (Source: WND). Depending on the location and size of an EMP, it can permanently shutdown anything that contains a micro circuit: computers, ATMs, gasoline pumps, water pumps, toilet pumps, car and truck engines, airplanes, and power plants. For the kids, this would include cell phones, ipads, TV, radio – ANYTHING that uses electricity.

The effect of an EMP would put a country back into the days before electricity. It could take years to repair and cause an economic disaster like no one could possibly imagine. Trucks could not ship food from farms to stores. Packaged food makers than run on electricity to operate their plants would all be useless. Drinking water and food would become scarce quickly.

The report suggests that Iran could launch a low-grade nuclear missile off a ship near U.S. waters to effect an EMP over the U.S. Although this may be a remote possibility now, but don’t think Iran is ruling out this technology either. Iran can acquire this technology from North Korea, Russia, or China.

Iran has been testing this development on their own. In 2009 Iran launched a communications satellite “designed as much to test the long range ballistic missile capabilities.” A 2004 U.S. Congressional Budget Office Report discussed Iran’s long-range ballistic missile threat (Source: CBO Report, July 2004, 76pps PDF).

A 2007 report by the Washington DC based Arms Control Association said with support from say North Korea, Iran could have the technology to launch an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) at the U.S. by 2015 (Report: PDF). Iran may still be years away from that date, but with no one to stop Iran from developing or receiving this technology, what do you do?

Venezuela’s President, Hugo Chávez

[12] Venezuela.

Concerns about Hugo Chávez stem back to 2003 where the Venezuelan President began increasing his ties to leaders and countries that are not exactly friendly to the U.S. This included Cuba, Libya and Iran.

Just two years after 9/11, U.S. News confirmed terrorist developments where official Venezuela ID’s  have been issued to people who are not from Venezuela.

Middle Eastern terrorist groups are operating support cells in Venezuela and other locations in the Andean region. A two-month review by U.S. News, including interviews with dozens of U.S. and Latin American sources, confirms the terrorist activity.

In particular, the magazine has learned that thousands of Venezuelan identity documents are being distributed to foreigners from Middle Eastern nations, including Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, and Lebanon.”

— Source: U.S. News, 09-28-2003

UPDATE NOTE: Since our post, U.S. News moved or deleted the above article. Copies of the original article can be found here and here in Adobe PDF.

We know from the above reports that Iran supports terrorist activities financially, with hardware and training. We knew back in 2006 that Iran was investing some $9 Billion in Venezuela on 125 undisclosed projects, thus increasing the business relationship with Iran and Venezuela.

In August 2008, U.S. officials under the Bush Administration cited concerns about developing terrorists group Hezbollah may be operating in Venezuela (Source: Los Angeles Times).

President Obama believes Hugo Chavez presents no security threat to the United States. It remains to be seen who will run Venezuela and in what matter since Chavez’s 2013 death from apparent cancer.

[13] Obama Pretends to Work?

Meanwhile President Obama reportedly sat down at a state dinner and spoke with English actor Damian Lewis. Lewis stars as Sergeant Nicholas Brody, in Showtime’s TV series, Homeland. TV character, Nicholas Brody is a U.S. Marine held captive by Al-Qaeda and later supports terror against the United States. Obama reportedly told Lewis:

“While Michelle and the two girls go play tennis on Saturday afternoons, I go in the Oval Office, pretend I’m going to work, and then I switch on ‘Homeland.’”

— Sources:  New York Times (PDF – highlight added), The Guardian.UK (PDF)

Iran is bent on going nuclear. We hope this or future Administrations handle this before it gets to a point where they are working on damage control such as they did in the 9/11 attacks on Americans in Libya (report). The only problem is pretending to work, making speeches without appropriate follow-up action, or ignoring real-world problems doesn’t make them go away.

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