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Obama Shows Desperation Attacking the Supreme Court

April 3rd, 2012
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04.04.2012 update (minor editing)
06.04.2013 update replaced video w same content (original link gone)

Barrack Obama's Approval Rating on the Economy. 03-13-2012. Source: CBS/ NY Times Poll. Image Credit. MSNBC

Barrack Obama’s Approval Rating on the Economy. 03-13-2012. Source: CBS/ NY Times Poll. Image Credit. MSNBC

Obama Shows Desperation Attacking the Supreme Court

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Washington DC. The President seems to be getting more desperate after last month’s public opinion polls on his handling of the economy. A CBS/ New York Times Poll showed that only 39% of likely voters approve of Obama’s handling of the economy (image above). A separate Rasmussen Poll showed that 64% of the public feel that the country is on the wrong track.

Now, the President is coming out swinging to defend his cornerstone legislation, “ObamaCare.” The Healthcare legislation was passed without a single vote from the U.S. Senate in a controversial move by Nancy Pelosi. The economy was still in the dumps, and instead of focusing on cutting deficits, or help small business create jobs, the Obama Administration thought a nationalized healthcare is what the country needed?

Now that cornerstone legislation is under debate for its Constitutionality by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the President who has attacked everyone who seems to be in disagreement with his ideology, has no qualms to attack the legally independent high court of the United States.

The president attacks the Supreme Court for being an unelected independent judiciary; which by the way that is how the Constitution was set up in America in 1776.

… the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of of judicial restraint, that an unelected  group of uh… people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and then passed law…

— Barack Obama said on 04-02-2012 (video above)

President Obama Knows the Constitution Better than the Supreme Court?
Mr. Barrack Obama, who does have a law degree from Harvard, but who has never had a law practice, nor has he ever served on any court, chastised the U.S. Supreme Court for even questioning his political policy.

The President left out the fact that “members of the high court are approved by elected representatives” (Source: CS Monitor).

The President also ignored the fact the he personally appointed two new members of the Supreme Court since he took office, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Like the President, Supreme Court Justice Kagan does have a law degree, but has never practiced law before any court.

“(Elana Kegan) would be the youngest member and the third woman on the current court, but the first justice in nearly four decades without any prior judicial experience.”

— Source: NY Times, 02-05-2010

The President’s remarks attacking the U.S. Supreme Court in the “court of public opinion,” and not before the actual law Court questions his leadership trying to influence the high court from acting independently (the Judicial Branch) from government.

It’s a Constitutional Challenge – Not a Political Challenge
Obama’s Healthcare law that is not being questioned for political ideology, it is being discussed for its constitutionality (Sources: CS Monitor The Atlantic). If the government succeeds in forcing people to buy a product (health insurance against their free will) which currently is prohibited under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution, Article 1 Section 8; one should then ask, what will the government think up next that we, as consumers have to do under a government mandate? And if the Constitution is thus no longer a valid document to uphold, what kind of country are we?

The $1.762 Trillion Obama HealthCare Deficit
The Obama Healthcare bill was written behind closed doors away from the public eye, and away from the media. According to the government’s own math, the Obama Healthcare law will increase the U.S. deficit by (at least) $1.762 Trillion over 10 years, NOT decrease it.

Studies Show ObamaCare Will Increase HealthCare Costs, not Lower Them
There are no guarantees that health care costs will go down under ObamaCare. Studies have suggested that healthcare cost will go up (Sources: Heritage.org and Bloomberg).

Government has no legal power to force lower healthcare costs, unless the government seizes the entire healthcare industry, the insurance companies, and the drug companies. At that point, the taxpayer will be paying for hundreds of billions of medical research instead of using private money. Then add the cost of putting all these people on government payroll with their own taxpayer funded health benefits, vacations, and lascivious government retirement pensions. The average worker will have to work even harder to pay for another person’s salary and benefits. Rest assured, the government will only mucky it up, raise taxes, and blame everyone but themselves for creating this mess.

Government has never shown it has been successful at reducing the cost of anything. Imagine what deficits and taxes would look like under this situation. The Supreme Court should uphold the Constitution, regardless of any other merit. The Constitution is a living document and the supreme law of the land; and that is the law the President is accountable to.

Healthcare system definitely needs reform, but are higher taxes, more regulation, and government telling us how to live the answer?


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