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Obama’s Limo Gets Stuck in Ireland (Video)

May 23rd, 2011
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05.23.2011 original article (Ireland 2011 visit)
03.22.2012 updated broken link with original PDF
03.20.2013 Obama’s Limo breaks down during Israel visit (page bottom)

Obama’s Limo Gets Stuck in Ireland (Video)

written by Net Advisor

President Obama’s armored Limousine called “The Beast” got stuck existing a high driveway ramp today leaving U.S. Embassy in Ireland.

Video: Short Version (0:23)

Video: Full Version (6:40)

The President was in Ireland to negotiate trade with a country that has no money and to visit his “family roots.”

Ireland, like Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain with their great food, beverages and culture are facing severe financial issues. We first discussed the Greek and related European debt issues about a year ago.

President & Mrs. Obama drinking traditional beer as first-time visitors to Ireland. 05-23-2011 Image Credit: AP.

Obama also enjoyed guzzling a pint of beer on the job (lol) – a traditional task called a “right of passage” for tourists visiting Ireland. Some past President’s have also followed this tradition except President Bush who no longer drinks alcohol. Former Presidents Reagan and Clinton didn’t finish their beer on their Presidential visits. However this President got the job done in reportedly four slurps (PDF).

March 20, 2013 Update:
On 03-20-2013, President Obama’s Limo broke down during a visit to Israel after the driver apparently put gasoline in the diesel-driven engine.


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