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10 Year Old Guards Frontline in Libya – Obama GOA?

April 14th, 2011
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10 year old stands guard on the front line against Gaddafi's forces in Ajdabiya, Libya (Source: The Telegraph.UK/ Image: Reuters)

10 Year Old Guards Frontline in Libya – Obama GOA?

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Ajdabiya, Libya. U.S. President Barack Obama was under pressure to do something about Col. Muammar Gaddafi turning his military air and ground forces to full strikes against the Libyan people, Obama reluctantly tip toed in Libya and then ran out.

Just 16 days after Obama’s Libya speech on how the U.S. would help the people of Libya be free from the “former” terrorist and coup leader‘s rein this is what the Obama Administration did:

1. Fire a bunch of missiles at various targets in Libya.

2. Fly some planes over the skys of Libya, dropped some bombs.

3. Ordered the military to go home (back to their posts).

4. Declared victory in Libya.

5. Handed the job over to NATO to figure out how to resolve Libya.

6. Blew some $550 Million+ of tax payer money and produced no results.

Ever since Obama pulled out of Libya, NATO seems to have drawn a stalemate, and nothing has changed in Libya.

Worse, Libyan rebels have charged NATO for (accidentally) shooting at them instead of Gaddafi’s forces.

“It was the second time in less than a week that rebels had blamed NATO for bombing their comrades by mistake. Thirteen were killed in an air strike not far from the same spot on Saturday.”

— Source: Reuters. India

Libyan rebels have refused to back down until Gaddafi leaves his rein of power. This is the same idea that President Obama stated.

“Colonel Qaddafi needs to step down from power…You’ve seen with great clarity that he has lost legitimacy with his people…(Those close to the Libyan leader will) have to understand that violence they perpetrate against civilians will be monitored, and they will be held accountable for it…They should know history is moving against Colonel Qaddafi.”

— Source: President Barack Obama, CBS News 03-03-2011

The President has not held anyone in Libya “accountable” as he promised, nor has the President held up to his word about having Gaddafi step down from power.

The only accurate statement that may still hold truth today is Obama’s above quote, “that violence they perpetrate against civilians will be monitored.” Unfortunately the White House is now treating Libya like a side-show spectator’s game. Watching, and incorrectly calling the score:

“The American people are going to feel satisfied that lives were saved and people were helped,” Obama said at a news conference in El Salvador, the final stop of a Latin America tour.

— Source: Reuters, 03-22-2011

Since then, we see a 10-year-old boy standing guard with an AK-47 machine gun in front of a battered oil drum in Ajdabiya, Libya (Photo top of page). The boy is apparently protecting against possible attacks from Gaddafi’s forces. Here in the USA, Libyan-Americans headed back to Libya to fight Gaddafi’s forces.

Some 16 European and Middle Eastern nations, plus the United Nations, the Arab League and the African Union all have said ‘Gaddafi must go.’

Yet, the allies and NATO have not exactly been able to remove Gaddafi from power, nor locate him. Additionally, Britain, France and the Libyan rebels complained that, “…other Nato allies nor the Arab states are prepared to attack Gaddafi’s forces, insisting they will only help enforce a no-fly zone.”

Both the British and French have ideas on how the U.S. can assist NATO gain a military advantage. An official from France suggested “the US should deploy its specialist ground-attack aircraft including A-10 Thunderbolt tankbusters and AC-130 Spectre gunships, assets that Britain and France lack.”

The Pentagon just acknowledged that U.S. fighter jets have been called in three times in the last week in limited bombings and to assist in mid-air refueling of NATO planes. However the U.S. has yet to follow through with the specific military assistance Brittan and France requested. Both Libyan rebels and Qatar‘s crown prince have asked the U.S. for stronger military assistance against Gaddafi.

The Obama Administration will have to come to terms whether the President will take on the necessary leadership role in this campaign, or just sit back and make more ‘get tough’ -style speeches. Meanwhile, a 10-year-old is not afraid to defend in what kind of change he believes in.


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