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Paranoia and Doomsday Used to Argue More Government Debt

April 8th, 2011
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03.13.2013 added link to 2013 article, sequester fiscal “Doomsday” debate

Paranoia and Doomsday Used to Argue More Government Debt

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Washington DC. Just as we figured, government is trying to use the media to scare people in convincing that we just have to increase the deficit “or else.” In our January 2011 article, The Great Train Wreck, we discussed the “fear trade” on how “U.S. soldiers will not get paid” and “Social Security recipients won’t get their monthly checks ” if we just don’t increase the deficit to avoid a government shutdown.

And here is more paranoia:

“US shutdown would lay off astronauts, close parks”

— Source: Reuters

Oh, no! The poor astronauts and no one to water the grass at the parks!!!

Yogi, what do we do???

We’ll let me tell you BOO-BOO, we haven’t had an astronaut in space since Obama canceled in-flight space programs (Source: CNN). Why train astronauts if they are not going into space anyway? Parks and the planet survived several billion years relying on nature to work on her own – without money. Military troop’s ammo doesn’t disappear just because of a government shutdown, and nuclear powered ships can travel virtually indefinitely on their own.

The U.S. has stock piles of ammo, and strategic oil reserves. We will all live. Life existed before government, and if they want to keep their jobs, they better do what America has asked them to do last November.

Not the First time The Government Has “Shut Down”
This is not the first time the U.S. government “shut down” – it’s the third time. Last time the U.S. government shut down occurred in 1995 and 1996 during the Clinton Administration. Clinton and the Democrats wanted to raise the debt limit in 1995 and 1996, and Republicans sought to block it (Source: wikipedia.org) Despite the age old argument that there was a “budget surplus,” under Clinton – that never happened. If there was a real surplus, then why did Clinton Administration raise the deficit, not lower it?

There was a lot of political posturing then as there is now, blaming the Republicans and new Tea Party representatives for trying to get a hold of the government reckless and massing deficit spending. The Obama Administration is spending at the rate twice as fast as President Bush did, only Obama is doing this in a period of four years instead of eight. The $1 Trillion ten-year budget cuts Obama proposed doesn’t cut the budget at all, it doubles the deficit.

Regardless of the current government shutdown outcome, it is 100% likely the deficit will go up no matter what the result. There will likely be some budget cut concessions, but this will only slow the bleeding, not stop it.

See how the same (if not worse) scare tactics are being used by the Obama Administration in 2013. Our article: Is the Obama Administration Scaring Americans to Debt? – The Sequester


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