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Fraud Watch – OPM Group, Inc.

March 1st, 2011
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03.01.2011 original publish date
03.24.2014 minor updates

Fraud Watch – OPM Group, Inc.

Investor Education Series – Investigative Report written by Net Advisor

Some two years ago Net Advisor™ answered a question regarding “OPM Group, Inc.”

Apparently others also caught on to this internet scam. The company allegedly perpetuated extensive financial scams using New York, USA, Kazakhstan and or Russian, Australian, and Chinese addresses, and servers.

There may be other companies that bear similar name that have nothing to do with the company named in this report. Many times scammers will use names of real businesses or use similar sounding names to create familiarity. The victims think, Oh, I think I’ve heard of that name before, so they create an “artificial trust.” Scammers are hoping that people get suckered into thinking they are legit.

If you ever receive an unsolicited email saying you won a lottery; a dead long distant uncle etc, has millions or any large sum of money in some foreign country such as Nigeria or anywhere outside the USA where it can’t be verified, it is safe to assume it is fake. You can contact your local FBI or U.S. Secret Service office if anyone asks for upfront money (a “419 Scam“) in order to receive more money.

As of the date of this article, the domain opm-groupli.com is no longer registered.

Additional information:

Broker Check:
Checking out a broker

Stock Broker Complaints:
FINRA 1-(800) 289-9999.

Advertising Complaints:
File a Complaint to the FTC for adverting, misrepresentation, fraud, or loss.


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