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Fraud Watch – Genius Funds

March 1st, 2011
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03.01.2011 Original publish date.
03.24.2014 Minor updates.

Fraud Watch – Genius Funds

Investor Education Series – Investigative Report written by Net Advisor

CYPRUS. Someone asked us whether a company called “Genius Funds” was legit or not? The company boasts on their website the following statement:

“Receive up to 25% per month and be able to withdraw capital or interest at any time.”

The company says they have a “150 day lockout period.” This is where if you invest you agree to not request you money back or any part of it until 150 days has past.  Lockup periods are common by hedge funds for up to a year, but one needs to investigate who they are dealing with before sending in any money. Any investment with the words “lock out” should be carefully examined.

We did a domain search on the company and they are showing domain registration in the  (Island) country of Cyprus – a non regulated, non-extradition country.

 Genius Investments
 6 Karaiskakis Street
 Limassol, Cyprus 3032
 44 200 222 7598
Fax:44 207 855 0844

Administrative Contact:
 Stelvio, Mark mark.stelvio@geniusfunds.com


We searched U.S. government public data bases and found the following:

1. Genius Funds is NOT a U.S.A. registered investment firm with the SEC or FINRA.

2. Genius Funds state they have trading symbol (EMGF), however if this is true, they are not listed on any USA market. EMGF is showing as European Managed Growth Fund apparently based in the (island) country of Guernsey and allegedly founded in 1998. We believe this said European Managed Growth Fund has nothing to do with any so called Genius Funds.

3. Genius Funds state they have trading symbol (WBMF). WBMF comes up in search as a radio station located in Chicago, IL. As for a real fund, it is not listed on any U.S. or known foreign exchange.

4. The company claims to pay 1-6%+ per day. We’ll that would beat every mutual fund and hedge fund manage by 100’s of percent of their best year ever. The company thus claims they can produce a 365% to 2,190% a year with no losses. This is a bogus claim.

5. We cannot verify anything related to a Mr. Mark Stelvio.

6. We also found general complaints on scam.com with the following phone numbers listed as:

Tel (Europe): +357 25 025067
Tel (Asia/Pacific): +86 213 100 3050
Fax (Global): +44 207 855 0844

Our conclusion is that this is nothing more than investment hype, investment fraud, a money scam, and or pyramid scheme.


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  1. FFalcn
    July 20th, 2011 at 20:05 | #1

    Today is known; but GENIUS FUND operating platform from Greece without control or oversight of regulatory agencies, and many people invested their money thinking it was a “legal company and operated under supervision” , however their profits went to stop at pockets without scruples.

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