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Help Me. Help You.

February 8th, 2010
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“Help Me. Help You.”

original article written by Net Advisor

RE: Article: Obama: Healthcare reform can’t wait a generation (Reuters)

Dear Mr. President:

I think we all want health care reform.

We just don’t all want government ran socialistic health-care, nor government policies that will lead to a socialist state.

Before embarking on what will surely be the most expense piece of legislation in U.S. history, try showing Americans how the government can save on its existing health care costs (entitlements, etc.) by making material costs cuts before increasing health care costs by another $1 trillion.

Please no math tricks this time, such as playing with the future expected growth numbers, future tax revenues based on non-realistic numbers as Speaker Nancy Pelosi et al has done to make health care appear as a cost benefit/ deficit reduction, etc., when in reality, government ran health care as it is outlined it will be a COST BURDEN.

And you know that EVERYONE, not just the “fat cats” or the so called “wealthiest of American’s,” those darn “bankers” and “Wall Steet’ers” will be paying for it. We ALL will be paying plenty of new taxes to have government health care.

Sure, the new taxes might not be visible tomorrow, and not in an election year God forbid, right? But we will be paying more and more taxes and the government will create more and more debt putting the U.S. economy and more and more people at financial risk.

This isn’t rocket science. Its basic addition with trillions added to it each year.

So again, we don’t NEED to add millions of new people into another new government ran health care system; especially when we already have state and federal assistance programs available. What we do need is to reduce and control the costs of the existing health care system first.

If you can’t control your own government spending, why would Americans believe government can all of a sudden control health care spending?

Other government take-over’s. How are they doing?
General Motors
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac

And you want to add government ran health care to this list?

Show me the money.”

“Shoooow — ME — THE MON—EY!”

— “Jerry Maguire”

I’m just… “letting you know,” as requested from your Jan 2010 SOTU Speech.

I’m available to fix things that involve numbers.

The Net Advisor


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