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General Motors Post History

July 14th, 2009
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June 2008 to July 14, 2009

General Motors Q&A Post History

The following are a series of answers to GM related questions. Answers written by Net Advisor where noted and are dated from about June 2008 to July 14, 2009. Links are provided to credit and cite the original source. (Note: If link is not found it may have been moved or deleted by host site. Please advise.)

I have had 100’s of people ask for my views about General Motors and their stock especially from mid 2008 both professionally and on Yahoo. I decided to create a General Motors page where someone could view my entire history of Q&A I addressed on GM.

I stopped counting my GM related answers posts after the 78th answer to GM related questions. Unofficially, I may have over 100 answers to GM related questions. I had answered so many questions on this topic, that jokingly I coined myself for awhile as “Yahoo’s (unofficial) GM Stock Therapist.”

I began publicly making Bearish statements about the direction of GM as a company on or about June 2008, about one year before GM filed bankruptcy.

After GM moved their more undesired or junk assets to Motors Liquidation Company (MTLQQ), I updated a new page to discuss common FAQ and events that were likely to occur with the “old GM stock.”

Note: All of the questions were composed by anonymous users. I left their original text and typos in tact with my typos. There is a link to my answer that corresponds to each GM-related question.

View my work on Yahoo! Answers, then click “add to my contacts” to have free unlimited access view my 5,000+ answers post history since January 2007.

Note: Newest answer links are now at the top. Oldest answers links are at the bottom.

Here are the GM related posts:

07-14-2009. GM Post #78
Why is GM stock on hold right now. If i have 180 shares am i going to lose all of them.?
it is at 1.15 and your not allowed to buy or sell anything right now. I dont no what is going on.

07-14-2009. GM Post #77
Why there is no Trading ON GM since July 10th 2009?
when GM announced to withdraw its case from bankruptcy last week and will pay back millions of $$ of debt to Gov. by 2015 so i thought to invest some money., i purchased some GM shares under its symbol GMGMQ, there was trading going until Thursday July 9th 2009 , but since July 10th there has been no trading, Does anyone knows about this? Should i sell my Gm shares?? Is there any risk? Also there has been no news since Friday about this.

07-13-2009. GM Post #76
Can you buy GM stocks since they are out of bankruptcy?

07-13-2009. GM Post #75
What will happen to GM stock?
it is still trading and over a dollar a share. what about the bankruptcy? are they going to cancel the current stock and reissue new stock?

07-10-2009. GM Post #74
When will GM shares begin trading again?
Or should I say, when will GM begin trading on something other than the OTCBB.

07-02-2009. GM Post #73
Is anyone planning to buy into GMGMQ again now that it’s back to .81?
I know the stock is eventually going to end up at 0, but could another spike happen in the near future? I’m not following the bankruptcy, but I certainly made some comfortable profits during the last low. What are your thoughts?

06-18-2009. GM Post #72
What is going to happen to gmgmq shares when GM comes out of bankruptcy?

06-09-2009. GM Post #71
GM Stock, Deal or No Deal?
With all the media identifying that General Motors stock is potentially worthless, with a rumored company intent of a reverse split of 100 to 1, why is the stock price rising on the Pink Sheets? If the stock is worth potentially pennies, why is it trading at a $1.00? Are these just day traders playing on the rumor mill until more concrete information is released? Is this worth investing money into? What could make or break this stock to a point of worth investing into or avoiding altogether?

06-03-2009. GM Post #70
I bought GM shares last month, what happens to them now after bankruptcy?

06-02-2009. GM Post #69
Help! I bought GM stock yesterday morning!?

06-02-2009. GM Post #68
Can I still buy GM stock even though they have filed bankruptcy? Will it still be the same stock?
They have a new stock symbol, GMGMQ, does anyone know the difference that makes? I am new to investing and have a friend who is putting money into GM hoping it will turn around, so I just thought I would see if anyone could explain this to me. Thanks!

06-02-2009. GM Post #67
GM stocks still have some chances?
Everybody says GM stock is finished. But the market is still $0.75 then up to $0.80 per share. Who still buy those “useless stocks”? Does it mean people still can make money of it? Another word, should buy this stock or not?

06-02-2009. GM Post #66
Do u think it is a good idea to “short” gm to zero. Can u short to zero?
I know little about shorting, do u think shorting it is smart

06-02-2009. GM Post #65
What should I do with 100 shares of GM that was at one time worth $5000?
I inherited it.

06-02-2009. GM Post #64
What will happen to my GM shares now.?
i was holding some GM stocks and i didnt get a chance to sell it last week. what will happen to my money and shares now. when will they start trading again.

06-02-2009. GM Post #63
GM shareholder – bankruptcy consequence ?
What are the consequence of being an ordinary shareholder in GM now that they have filed a Chapter 11 ?Additional Details: That’s incredible! – Is there even no chance that we will be given a share in the New GM ?…

06-02-2009. GM Post #62
I have GM stock. What happens to the stock at this point?

06-02-2009. GM Post #61
Make a profit from GM?
I was looking at the ranks on the simulator game on investopedia when i noticed that a few people had jumped dramatically up in rank by buying GM in late May and selling. Why is this so? I thought GM’s bankruptcy meant that their stock was poison, so how come such a lucrative profiteering opportunity arose? Does such an opportunity become available When all companies go through bankruptcy?…

06-01-2009. GM Post #60
What will happen to the stockholders of old GM?
what will happen to the stockholders of old GM that went bankrupt? Will they emerge into the new GM? I just read an article on yahoo with Obama saying existing shareholders will be wiped out. What does that mean?

06-01-2009. GM Post #59
While the government is backing up GM why the stock value go zero?
We all know that the U.S government is backing GM financially, so why GM stocks go to zero if there is financial back up?

06-01-2009. GM Post #58
When would be a good time to buy GM stock?
Since GM is filing for bankruptcy, I’ve been reading that it’s going to be nationalized only for the “short term.” So, I figure they…

06-01-2009. GM Post #57
Since the bankruptcy of General Motors is my stock now worthless?
Is this stock just simply gone forever now ?…

06-01-2009. GM Post #56
Would it be a good idea to buy GM stock now?
Under the assumption that GM will make a comeback. Wouldn’t it be a great investment to buy stock while it’s dirt cheap?

06-01-2009. GM Post #55
When is a good time to buy GM stock?
I meant after the court proceedings!!

06-01-2009. GM Post #54
What will happen to the GM stock I own since they are going to file bankruptcy, but potentially bounce back.?

06-01-2009. GM Post #53
Would you buy GM stock right now?
Do you agree or disagree with the statement below? What is your reasoning?
The government has told GM that in order to keep the bail out money they have now, they need to convert much of their debt to bond holders into equity. Doing this will…

06-01-2009. GM Post #52
Why is GM stock still trading (after BK)?
It has been my understanding that once a publicly traded company files bankruptcy that the stock is immediately suspended from trading…

06-01-2009. GM Post #51
Would it be a good idea to buy GM stock right now?

06-01-2009. GM Post #50
GM stocks are selling for $0.75 a share. Is now a good time?

05-30-2009. GM Post #49
Will i be able to sell my Gm shares on monday.?

05-30-2009. GM Post #48
What happens to my stock shares if gm goes in bankruptcy, will i lose what little money i’ve invested?

05-30-2009. GM Post #47
GM bankruptcy; and the GM stock’s?

05-30-2009. GM Post #46
What will gm common stock be worth if they file for bankruptcy?

05-30-2009. GM Post #45
Why can’t I hold on to my GM stock until they emerge from bankruptcy?

05.29.2009. GM Post #44
I have 100 shares of common stock in GM, should I sell it before the days end or should i just hang onto it?

05.29.2009. GM Post #43
Is anyone taking a chance on GM?

05.29.2009. GM Post #42
Will GM stock be worth nothing on Monday?
After GM files bankruptcy Monday from the sounds of it, how long will it take the stock to go to little or nothing?

05.29.2009. GM Post #41
Why Is GM Volume So High?
If Its going to file for chapter 11 Why Are People Buying It? Shouldn’t they Sell There Shares? Last Volume Was 41,581,183

05.29.2009. GM Post #40
Should I Sell My Shares Of GM?

05.29.2009. GM Post #39
What will happen to GM corporation’s common stock value if it goes into bankruptcy?
If I wanted to take a gamble and buy some stock now, knowing that they will certainly be filling next week, would that be dumb?

05.28.2009. GM Post #38
If gm goes bankrupt on 6-1-09 are my gm stocks worthless?

05.27.2009. GM Post #37
What will happen to gm stock prices?
will it hover around what it is? which is 1.15. or will it go to 0.00 or 0.05. the bankrupt gm will go into is a temporary bankrupcy from my understanding so im not sure if the prices of the shares will go to zero or have some value. PS i am looking to short gm stock..

05.27.2009. GM Post #36
If GM files bankruptcy, how would employees in middle management be affected?

05.28.2009. GM Post #35
Do you think that General Motors will pull a trick out of their hat and avoid bankruptcy?

05.28.2009. GM Post #34
Why is GM stock even worth 1.23 today when everyone expects it to go bankrupt?
Won’t the stock you own today go down to zero if GM goes bankrupt?

05.28.2009. GM Post #33
Is Ford stock a good long term buy?

05.27.2009. GM Post #32
GM stock purchase – predicted price shifts?
What do you think will happen to the price of General Motors (GM) stock over the next month?

05.23.2009. GM Post #30
Correction: This Should Be Post #31

Is GM’s stock going to tank after Memorial Day Weekend 2009?

05.22.2009. GM Post #29
Correction: This Should Be Post #30

When I’m holding a stock in a short position, what happens (to me/the position) if the company goes bankrupt?
I’m holding shares of GM short, and with the bankruptcy news, I’d like to know what will happens if GM turns into GMQ. If they go bankrupt, do I profit, or lose the money I have in the holdings?

05.22.2009. GM Post #28
Correction: This Should Be Post #29

General Motors, Chap 11 next week?
I’m sure you’ve heard the news: Obama has agreed to send GM into chapter 11 BR next week in order for the company to reset its assets and liabilities so that wages, healthcare, dividends, etc. will be less of an expense. I own very little stock in GM, if I lose it all it will not hurt me, but in order to salvage what I have right now would it be wise to sell it? I am unfamiliar with what the repercussions C. 11 BR will mean for stock holders. When the company restarts/rebuilds will all the current stock holders be eliminated (lose all ownership) and new shares will be distributed to new buyers?
Thank you for taking the time to answer this.

The Following Post Includes Additional Links Pointing to GM/Auto Related Post History From About June 2008 to May 20, 2009:

Note: I did not officially number the posts until 05-20-2009.

2009. This Should Be GM Post #28
If the Government buys GM, will their stock become worthless?
There are reports this morning that GM may sell themselves into Government control: http://www.reuters.com/article/mergersNe…
If this were to happen, what would happen to the current stock holder shares?
The GM stock is still pretty low (1.46 now, but 1.09 a few days ago when I started looking) does anyone here with more experience than me consider this to be a good buy?

2009. GM Post #27
If GM files for bankruptcy come June 1?
What happens to stock. Its already at 1.45? does it go to 0 or just drop further.. ?

2009. GM Post #26
Will GM be a good buy in bankruptcy?
I think GM will be the same as Delta Airlines when they were in bankruptcy – if you bought shares of DALRQ at $0.60/share then you would have made a lot of money once the company emerged to what it is now (DAL). Will GM play out the same way? Will this be a good stock to buy if and when the company goes bankrupt?

2009. GM Post #25
I am 17 years old and was wondering if I should I buy stock in GM?
Im 17 and I would probably buy 100 stock because they are going for $2 a stock. The worse thing that could happen is I lose $200 but if it goes back to $60 a stock I could make some nice money.

2009. GM Post #24
What happens to GM stock if it splits?
Well first off I just want to add that I personally know nothing about stocks and the stock market in general. I just wanted to ask a quick question regarding GM. My father invested 1,000 in GM he is hoping that the company wont go bankrupt, he also thought that the GM Vault would be worth investing in. Now from what I understand if GM goes bankrupt then the stocks could split, in this situation what will happen to my fathers investment? Will it be split equally? Any advice? Thank so much Heather Green

2009. GM Post #23
GM’s bailout or buyout?
with the GM ceo resigning under pressure from the white house raises the question was it bailout or a buyout

2009. GM Post #22
Question about chrysler/GM in relation to the Stock market?
If chrysler and GM eliminated half of their dealerships and employees in the United States. How would this affect the stock market? Would it cause changes in S&P or DOW? What will it change, if anything? Thanks in Advance

2009. GM Post #21
Lets say I own 20k GM shares, and gm files for Bankruptcy (and i am sure it will) what happens to my stock?

2009. GM Post #20
Why did GM’s total receivables drop off so sharply between 2005 and 2006?
From the balance sheet:
Total Receivables, Net (values in millions):
2003: 181,641.0
2004: 208,739.0
2005: 186,766.0
2006: 8,216.0
2007: 9,659.0

2008. GM Post #19
Will shares of Lehman Bros stock go up or down if the company is sold?
Net Advisor™ Comment: Yes, this is a LEH question, but I probably counted it to note and forewarn in 2008 that, “WM, AIG, MER, GM, F are next issues to deal with.” Ford was the only one that didn’t technically fail, however their stock got a beating because of market conditions and because of GM’s failure.

2008. GM Post #18
Is it a good time to buy GM stock?
Husband wants to buy 100 shares at 5.50, I’m a little scared because of the market.

2008. GM Post #17
What made General Motors stock plunge when it has dipped below $20.00 only twice in 40 years?

2008. GM Post #16
Would it be stupid to buy GM stock i was thinking somethin small maybe two thousand shares my analyst says no?
but when i bought google three years ago he said no to that and when i bought k-mart six years ago he said no i bought some delta about four years ago it turned o ut ok. I think GM is too big to completely belly up i don’t know how or when but i think they are gonna turn it around

2008. GM Post #15
What happens to my mother`s GM stock?
My Mom bought some GM stock about 6 months ago, what happens to her stock if the company files bankruptcy. It is not a whole lot but a couple of thousand and I was wondering what happens.

2008. GM Post #14
Why is GM stock going up?
I recently noticed that gm’s stock went up alot in the last few days? Why is that? I wanted to buy some shares but now im not sure if i should wait for it to go down some Does anyone have advice?

2008. GM Post #13
What will happen to GM?
The stock went down to $3.60/share.
Will it crash or go to $0.00?
Answered (a sad commentary yet with humor)

“GM should have handed out airbags with their stock certificates. The stock has already crashed, trading at a 65 year low.”
— Net Advisor™ (2008)

2008. GM Post #12
Should I buy GM now since it will probably be bailed out?

2008. GM Post #11
How soon do you think General Motors will be De-Listed from the New York Stock Exchange?
General motors stock keeps falling and falling, and soon it will be under $1. At that point it will be de-listed from the exchange. So, do you think it will happen in November, or December 2008, or maybe in 2009? Another thing: If I have a GM car and GM goes bankrupt and stops building cars all together, how will I get spare parts for my car?

2008. GM Post #10
Stocks and Bonds. Will GM file bankrupcy?
President Bush is going to address the country on the ECONOMIC SITUATION today @ 11:30am

2008. GM Post #09
Stock Tips on 2 of the 3 big auto stocks.?
Is it just me or are there other people out there looking to make some serious cash off of these all time low stocks? GMAC at $3 & change, Ford at $1 & change. Personally Im considering buying as much of these stocks as possible. I don’t believe that either one will go completely out of business weather the Gov. gives them money or not. I also can’t see a foreign car manufacture building out State cars, Police cars, Government cars, DOT vehicles, etc. Does anyone else hold the same opinion or am I missing something?

2008. GM Post #08
GM Stock ? please help?
Realisticly in the nexk 10-20 years how much can GM’s stock be worth considering the economy gets better

2008. GM Post #07
If GM gets the bailout what price range should the stock expect to reach short term?
GM’s stock is currently in the 5.40 range. if news hits that the bailout for the auto industry goes through, what price can we expect the stock to reach short term?

2008. GM Post #06
Should I invest $50,000 In AIG OR GM?
I need to invest $20,000 for a game in college and I heard Aig or Gm was a good choice. It looks like it rising in stocks and I think it will go hirer, but Iam not certain. Please tell me if I am doing the right thing. Can someone please tell me a stock that you feel very confident in. I know stocks is a risky business, but I am versing 23 students in my classrom…It’s 50,000 and not 20,000. I accidently pressed 2 instead of 5 in the numberpad on the right side of the keyboard

2008. GM Post #05
The three big automakers: If Ford Motor Co. is doing okay, how come it “needs” to be bailed out along with?
GM and Chrysler? Would it be possible to help only the one (Ford) who is actually going to make it in the long run? … Why are they clumped together? It’s very possible Ford won’t need to tap into the bailout money, but the other two will probably file for bankruptcy anyway. Any thoughts? Thanks!

2008. GM Post #04
When is the U.S. government taking over Lehman and Washington Mututal?
And after that, which companies and industries come next?
Net Advisor™ Comment: Noted GM in the answer: “and Merrill, and Wachovia, and GM, and anyone who might loose money…..”

2008. GM Post #03
What do you think about General Motors stock?

2008. GM Post #02
Why should GM buy Zenn Motors?

But just think of it! A large GM Distributorship, marketing, selling, servicing the Low Speed Vehicle market locally at local dealerships! I think this is a gold mine for GM!

2008. GM Post #01
How does GM financial ratios compare to that of the auto industry?

GM Post Collection: Brought to by…Ford, “Hey, We’re not bankrupt.” And by… The U.S. Government, “We Know What’s Best For You.”
Net Advisor™ (05-20-2009)


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